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  1. Way to spin cycle it! The reason they are all ranked is because they have been playing AHA teams to inflate their records. Penn State has played a pretty pathetic schedule so far. The average pairwise rank of the teams they have played is 40! The average rank of the teams UND has played is just under 15. In fact every team in the NCHC has played a tougher schedule than PSU so far (UNO is the lowest with an average opponent Pairwise rank of 30). Five of the eight teams in the NCHC have played an equally tough or tougher schedule than Minnesota who has had the toughest schedule in the
  2. "Blah blah blah" and "spin cycle" were about as intelligent of a response as I was expecting from you... They are better than they used to be no question but one team in the top 16 of the Pairwise doesn't exactly sound like some dominant conference. Then again you are on here arguing that the BIG is a good conference so clearly you have a different definition of "good" than the rest of us.
  3. Lets take a little deeper dive into these numbers: The NCHC is 4-2-2 against the BIG10 and that is the most important record. The BIG10 has played ten games this year already against the AHA. The NCHC has played 2. The BIG10 has played ten games this year already against the EZAC. The NCHC has played 1. The BIG10 has played nine games against Hockey East. The NCHC has played 21. The BIG10 has played 16 OOC games against teams in the top-20 of the Pairwise (.406 win %). The NCHC has played 22 (.477 win %). You take AHA games and EZAC games out of the records an
  4. They are absolutely terrified of this over on GPL. They keep talking about how we "bully" them. The victim culture that has spread throughout that program is incredible.
  5. I thought this was the 2016-2017 College Hockey thread not the "Legacy" thread.
  6. The guy does come out and state his biases atleast. Hes a Canadian from Ottawa that doesn't get to see much much US hockey other than World Juniors.
  7. Agreed one of the best games I went to in college was a game against Mankato. Anyone else remember this? That whole game was a battle.
  8. I think the biggest difference between Toews and Brock/Tyson in this regard is that Toews was here a year before he got drafted so Toews was only here a year after he got drafted. Who knows though... With these high-end guys you just have to take it a year at a time and enjoy every year that you do get out of them.
  9. Nashville would be amazing. All the bars are right down the street from the arena and that town is town is fun no matter what day of the week you are there. Also, don't even get me started with the food options down there.... I've never been into Bridestone but it seems pretty nice based on the pictures I've seen and there are certainly enough hotels in that city to support an event like this. Nashville checks all the boxes. I'd love to see the Frozen Four end up there one day.
  10. Yeah I don't see us demoting the captain that led us to a natty.
  11. If you don't think players develop in those 3-4 or however many years you are flat-out nuts (see: Stecher, Troy or Caggiula, Drake).
  12. Every draft-eligible player besides one on the Canada U-18 team is ranked inside the top 100 (London has 6 counting Marner from last year). The Canadian team also had 3 guys inside the top 20 and plenty more in the 20-40 range. The result when they played they NTDP? It was a 10-3 throttling. A team that I think everyone would agree is better than London in the Canadian U-18 lost to a team that we beat pretty easily while treating the game like an exhibition and sitting 2 first round draft picks. There is plenty of reason to think that the UND team from this year would beat London right now
  13. The shots were 45-22 that game with BU only managing 15 saves. I think UND was the measuring stick most of us were looking for and we beat them 4-1 without two of our best players in Boeser and Schmaltz while using 3 goalies. I also think you have to factor in that 4 of the NTDP's games this year were against 3 of the bottom 4 teams in the pairwise and they needed OT twice.
  14. I can explain it in one word: Desperation
  15. The reason we played more non Fri/Sat games than Wisconsin this year is because the only series we had at a B1G school this year was a Fri/Sun series against Mich St. when their football team was playing Penn State at home during the same weekend. This is kind of a big detail to leave out in my opinion.
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