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  1. It is with supreme, yet unfounded confidence, that I will purchase one, and only 1 ticket!
  2. Yes! I've scoured the net searching for that video. When I introduced my wife to Sioux hockey, she fell in love with Trupper. I brought up that play, as the reason that I knew he was gonna be special.
  3. Wow...crazy that you can never meet a man, but still be really saddened to hear about his passing. I guess we all end up as part of one big dysfunctional family, as we share the highs and lows of our favorite team. I'll definitely be keeping his family in my prayers.
  4. How long until we get the on ice projection system?
  5. Is this get together prior to the Final Four title game? If so, put me down for a "soft possible"
  6. He led the USHL with 35 goals...tied with that Boeser guy. That's better than decent.
  7. Wasn't so much taking a shot at UND, as saying there's no guarantee that these incoming scorers are going to put up big numbers. Poor wording.
  8. UND is where "solid scorers" come to die. Remember Chris Wilkie treating the USHL like a playground?
  9. I sure hope you're right, because if you're not...and this team misses 4 yrs in a row, it's really going to get ugly.
  10. It feels like "righting the ship" only applies to taking over a team in a bad spot and then getting them back on track. Shouldn't the leash be shorter, when you're the captain who has steered the luxury cruise ship way off course?
  11. I talked to him...does that count? Everything that I posted about him coming to UND, he liked. BSU makes sense with Serratore being a Greenway guy.
  12. Are you hoping? Or can you really see a couple guys leaving?
  13. franchise

    ITS OVER!!!

    I might be interested in this offer...if I don't have to take the tickets.
  14. franchise

    ITS OVER!!!

    Agreed. The boys used to make pacts because they wanted to come back for that elusive natty. Probably not a conversation taking place on campus now.
  15. franchise

    ITS OVER!!!

    Is this good or bad?
  16. On the bright side, I already sold my regional tickets
  17. Exactly what I tweeted to Berry. Kid has so much heart. Made the day trip down for the semi's and was so glad that I did. Grew up attending Greenway games when Gino Guyer was the star. Pretty awesome to see them take 2nd, with 10 skaters. After being so close to the program shutting down, it's quite the story.
  18. My buddy's kid is a friend of Donte. He seems to think that if Brad makes the call, he's in.
  19. I've felt like they would offered by now...and since he isn't committed, they weren't his top choice. Crossing my fingers that UND is
  20. I'm guessing he isn't overly interested in SCSU because one would have to assume they've offered to team him up with Troumbly. They have incredible chemistry. Donte looks like a perfect 2020 replacement for Donovan.
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