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  1. If you happen to come across a pair, I'd be up for taking the other.
  2. Was wondering what the actual attendance ended up being. I watched tickets all day. The double attack upper corners sold out and there was about 30 total tickets left in the last 2 rows on the other side. I decided not to go, then checked back to see if it had sold out. The double attack corners had lots of tickets available again and then a whole bunch of section 302 opened up so I grabbed one of those tickets. They were definitely adding seats throughout the day.
  3. Please notify Gooch, Adams and Mismash
  4. I also think that a vaccine changes that quickly. I saw a poll last night that said 72% of fans(sports in general) were not likely to attend a game until there is a vaccine.
  5. This one? http://ryan85268.tripod.com/
  6. A mavs fan on twitter replied to Jake Brandt's tweet and said Mavs should get it because they have 31 wins
  7. Who needs replays when we have Lester standing at ice level to tell us what happened!
  8. Blake, yes...but I can't wish success on Middelstadts
  9. It was cringe worthy to listen to the intermission report yesterday that talked about how there is so much parity in Single A
  10. Yeah, Slukynsky should de-commit. Hat trick in 6 mins?
  11. Peski has come so far since his freshman year
  12. Only 33% of the shut down line playing isnt ideal
  13. Because he's the latest in a long line of thug bullies at UND and the league should suspend him for his brutal hit?
  14. Not sure why you would send the top overall seed to the host and top 2 seed location
  15. Anyone know anything about Caden Triggs from Moorhead? Seemed to come from out of nowhere this year with 30+ goals Their goalie, Hudson Hodges, has really solid numbers too.
  16. It's a solo weekend trip where you drop $1800 on flight, Air BnB and game ticket, only to be the only person within 50 yards wearing green. The outcome feels like a kick in the nuts, but you don't really focus on that pain because you're busy dealing with verbal insults and the occasional physical contact from the opposing fan base.
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