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  1. Every departure makes the 5OT loss hurt even more, because this was one of THOSE teams
  2. Indeed it does. Was praying he stuck around
  3. Well maybe i would not cheer for them, but check the title game score after not watching it, and prefer the NCHC team won
  4. Completely agree. I hate all the NCHC teams until UND is out. Then I just want all the natty titles in the conference. Hoping Huskies 1st, Dawgs 2nd
  5. Right. That's what most of Scheel's saves look boring
  6. Panzer with the hat trick, including 2 SHG
  7. Makar benefited from playing his sophomore year
  8. Agreed. Always find it helps to read posts from other fans after a season ending loss. Rough endings this year as a Packer and Sioux fan
  9. I was at 3 of them. I wasn't far removed from hernia surgery when .6 happened and I still almost went. Very glad I didn't
  10. Or any of the 50 that hit the glass
  11. Losses, sure. But it's the type of losses. .1 vs UNH .6 vs MN Dominating, yet losing to Michigan 2OT vs BU 5OT vs UMD So painful
  12. As time passes, I think I'll look back and be really happy that I had the chance to be in that arena until 1am, but right now it just feels like the worst loss in a long list of painful ones. Really felt like that was going to be our experience to make up for the BU heartbreak.
  13. Was already reported last week that he is staying
  14. It's a mess between listing game with ET, MT, CT. Everywhere that I have seen is 630CT
  15. The coin has submitted it's 2021 picks
  16. If UND makes it, would they run a couple flights from Fargo or GF?
  17. BC should have to bag skate for 60 mins so they don't get the benefit of extra rest.
  18. Being that UND probably should be playing ND, if they were the last team in... Would you rather have a potential bye into the Final, due to a no contest? Or play a semifinal against AIC?
  19. After the way the previous UMD game went, I was so excited for the roar of booing that was going to rain down on them when they hit the ice. Instead, the green just flowed into the parking lot silently...
  20. To make matters worse, I was staying at the hotel with BU. We were headed up in the elevator and a few Terriers were getting in. I told them that they couldn't come in unless they admitted that UND was robbed. They laughed and didn't disagree. Then I went to the hot tub and the first person soaking the aches away was Bellows. I'm sure that shot into the glass had to hurt. Ended up chatting with a few of the guys for a long time. They were super cool and VERY complimentary of UND and the fans. Crazy to think back how much talent was on the ice for that game!
  21. So were my wife and I. We probably high fived as I think I did with at least half the section...haha. I remember starting to calm down and turned around to see the refs in the box and my heart just sank.
  22. They waved the .500 rule this year, I believe
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