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  1. "UND Fighting Hawks" Fans: "SIOUX" I got a little choked up......
  2. NCHC.TV also showing it. Love it. Thanks, NCHC.TV!
  3. Love the crowd: "SIOUX FOREVER"
  4. Way to go team. Way to go seniors! Keep the roll going!
  5. You miss every shot you don't take.
  6. Rebound goal! Just like I said! Way to go Pinto! Nice win for the seniors!
  7. That was the right call. How the heck did the officials come to THAT conclusion?
  8. That had BETTER NOT be a goal, especially after last nights goal that was called back.....
  9. What the heck was that call about..... That seemed like a sad, sad call.....
  10. And we lose the draw again to start a PP.....
  11. I don't even know how I did the bullets....
  12. Way to keep your head, Blaisdell. UND PP
  13. We should be coaching this team. It isn't going to be "The Perfect Pass" that wins this game, it is going to be a greasy goal.
  14. If WMU is going to clog the middle like that, shoot and make sure everyone is crashing goal......
  15. He really has been playing well. Just saying....
  16. Damn. dumb penalty to take. If Adams hadn't slashed, Gooch would have been in on goal.....
  17. Good thing happen to those who hustle. Keep it up, boys!
  18. Yeah, I love the old logos on their kit. I was there in 80, and it really brings back memories, I remember the guys with the flashing hardhats, the pregames at Frenchy's, and the bitter cold walks to the rink.
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