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  1. "Hot goalie"..... and certainly not ours.
  2. Scheel back to post break form?
  3. Lucy, you got some splainin to do......
  4. 0-2 mavs. Boys must still be hung over from last weekend.
  5. Smith v G. Couldn't drop it.
  6. We have to be more mature and not let something as stupid as a fish getting under your skin. And it continues. Trying to piss this game away.
  7. Wake up and smell the coffee, boys!
  8. Damn. 0-1 Enough of the no-look passes to the opponent.....
  9. Damn, and now a 2 many men penalty....... C'mon
  10. Damn guys! Don't pass em the puck right in front of our goal!
  11. These announcers don't seem to be terrible homers. Good for them.
  12. Good move by Yon. Collision with the goalie, we will probably get a 20 minute minor.
  13. Just that he went down the tunnel with the trainer .
  14. My wife tweeted NCHC.TV about the sound and it came on about 20 seconds later. She is taking credit for it.
  15. Let's play (silent) hockey!
  16. UNO is one of three teams in the NCHC to beat us this season. On our rink. (Of course that is when we were slumping....) I hope the boys are looking at tonight and not next weekend......
  17. You can take the TEAM seriously and not their FANS....
  18. Thanks,NCHC.TV, for showing the senior night video, that was a class act touch.
  19. They did end up stepping up. I had my doubts at the start of the season, but, they stepped up and made it special. Keep it up, boys, lets hang yet another banner.....
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