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  1. Hope that Frisch is healthy enough to bolster our defense.
  2. Too bad, I thing CC actually played really well.
  3. OT. That was not a trip. Just saying....
  4. How many times must I say it: STAY OUT OF THE BOX!!!! [sorry for shouting] We don't really have a smash mouth team like we have in the past, so there is really no point in taking so many penalties. Especially the stupid O-zone and behind the play ones. Just say no.
  5. Denver had a terrible turn over right beside their own goal. Nothing good can come from that.
  6. If Miami beats Denver (1-0 now in the 3rd), it is because they have taken only one penalty the entire game. Right now Miami is on a 5v3 PP. Stay out of the box!
  7. Anybody have a clue when Frisch will be back available to play? We could use him.
  8. Definitely a confidence booster just when we need it. Hopefully doesn't go to their heads. They need to be sharp on Saturday.
  9. Keirsted has to stay out of the box. Reiger has got to play better. Gooch looked a bit better, but still has to get his mojo risin' Scheel played his butt off and I have to say that is the best I have seen him play in a long, long time.
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