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  1. You know what? Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon seems to go with this game pretty well.
  2. Good. can't do worse. Although I think the real problem is not the goaltending.
  3. Well, let's crap this thing out. FWIW, those still tuning in are true Sioux fans.
  4. Hey! I was THERE in 2012. Right next to the trash talking MN fans who left their seats in the 3rd.
  5. What is with Color try Bosch on Amazon. I think you will like it.
  6. OK. Ozark is awesome. even my wife loved it, and we rarely agree on anything not UND related.
  7. I think we have been accustomed to the Hakstol "better after the break" UND team. Clearly that is not Berry's MO.
  8. Hey. It could be worse. It could be Minnesota. Then again it could be MN in the 2012 playoffs.
  9. Damn. I just mixed another drink. Guess I will stick around for the abuse.
  10. Ruhm is working. I think we have the right where we want them. Overconfident. The worst lead is 2-0. Go Sioux.
  11. Like I said: simple hockey done well>fancy hockey done poorly. No more crappy no-look passes across the ice in our D-zone that get picked off. No more trying to stick-handle through 3-4 defensemen. PASS, boys! The puck has no lungs!
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