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  1. Reza is a good friend of mine. His bar has been closed for almost 2 years. My wife and I even had a few UND watch parties there in post season. Reza is a NDSU grad, but even he got into UND hockey. Sickies usually has some fans there and play the games.
  2. Tonight we need to cut the stupid hospital passes in front of our own goal. Last night I quit counting the number of no-look and other passes that went right to an opponent in front of our own goal.
  3. Weatherby is best crashing goal. Thome needs a shutout tonight. A point. Any point, otherwise the game is pointless.
  4. I thought I saw Frish on the bench, no?
  5. Guch may be injured. Not sure yet. Mostly injured pride for UND fans.
  6. Sorry guys, I was away from keyboard with my finger down my throat......
  7. I gotta say, that Mav backup goalie really played well.
  8. Sure you do! It's called a bus ride home!
  9. What a rotten showing..........
  10. UND just lost their rose colored visors.......
  11. There has been some seriously suspect defense tonight. Is that on Scheel? No. But he let in the first 2 pretty soft goal. Oh, and now the 4th too.....
  12. So.... Is Scheel OUR guy? Or is he THAT guy?
  13. What happened to the patented UND passing tonight? Maybe beer google from last Saturday?
  14. Scheel looks like he is struggling. Maybe Thome tomorrow?
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