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  1. This thread is the Dark Ages of Sioux Sports.
  2. Which is driving Fiats? Or angry husbands?
  3. Well, I am safe ordering from Amazon then. I NEVER get anything quicker than 3 days.....
  4. How about a "Ghost Banner"? Like a natty banner but in shades of grey? What could have (should have) been.....
  5. "Just the facts, maam." Here is a pretty good analysis of COVID 19 development/spread: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  6. Seniors were awesome this year, but so was everyone on the team. They all deserve a better ending to the season (and so do the fans). "There is always next year" rings hollow. Thanks, everybody, for giving us such a tremendous season, complete with upsets, wondrous wins, and even devastating losses. Some really close games, and some edge-of-the-seat moments. And especially for all the great hockey.
  7. This team will be a National Champion in my mind. Would they have won? Who knows. They had it all and would have certainly been one to beat in the Frozen Four. I, too feel bad for the seniors. They played their hearts out and had a great season. Way to go guys.
  8. Seriously, no champion this year? Has that ever happened before, for any reason?
  9. Sooo..... Highest RPI wins a natty? :D
  10. Good night, folks. And I do mean a GOOD night.
  11. Nope. Just the most important part of THIS season....
  12. Thome is our post season guy, as long as he is healthy and producing.....
  13. Good win. Nobody out next game. Fist bump (gently)
  14. Frustration showing on the Omaha side.....
  15. Hah, I just told my wife that this is as bad as the floating tiger head And Smith! 4-0 SIOUX!
  16. Rotten PP. And more extracurricular activity. And the camera off? C'mon, NCHC.TV.
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