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  1. I miss Benner's Hobby Shop.
  2. St Cloud got piss pounded by WMU. 6-2 final
  3. These intermissions seem really long with nothing but dead air.
  4. More like a couple tin cans and a string.
  5. Although Sunday's win was nice and all, there are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up in order to face some of the tougher opponents coming up: 1) Stay out of the penalty box. Especially stupid technical and stick penalties. This will eat us alive against good opponents. 2) No stupid cross-ice passes in the D-zone that can get picked off by the opponent. 3) Scheel played really well, but he still makes me nervous coming so far out of the crease after the puck, especially when he just flips it out to nobody in particular. Also, he gives up so many rebounds. That wil
  6. Hopefully tomorrow NCHC.TV has the CC feed down pat. Otherwise...... Actually, we are market cornered bitches. But still....
  7. Possibly, depending on if the Midco feed goes satellite vs internet for the feed.
  8. I am envious of your location at Beckenridge. I used to work for a company in Eagle, CO, and I certainly miss the skiing.
  9. Thank you, Wilbur (and others) for the updates. They are appreciated. And thanks, iHeartRadio 96.5 for the stellar coverage.
  10. I think this is a CC feed issue, not necessarily NCHC.TV's fault, but since we are paying for it, it is their responsibility to get it working properly. I emailed them again complaining,and I think you all should to. Maybe it will make a difference. email address: nchctv@sidearmsports.com
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