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  1. Maybe the CC cell phone video feeds reached their monthly GB max. Hah!
  2. Anybody else having trouble with the NCHC.TV feed?
  3. Haha. I don't think they are too bad. Yeah, a bit monotone, but really not too bad. I will take that rather than some over-the-top monster truck announcer. I did think it was funny when they said (during the 1st period I think), how "sharp UND is playing". I thought: "Obviously you haven't watched their previous games this season."
  4. Scheel makes me nervous with the rebounds he gives up. Oh, and the way he come way out of the crease all the time too.
  5. It would show if the CC player or the UND player tipped it in. I think that the CC player #5 defenseman tipped it in.
  6. The 2nd period has been much better for UND.
  7. Don't all NCHC rinks have the standard top down goal cameras? That should have been close enough to capture the goal. But from what I saw from the TV coverage of the review monitor, it all looked like rink TV coverage, not the top down. Maybe the tip in was outside the top down view?
  8. Is their new rink going to be an NFL size? Or Olympic?
  9. I actually think it is better than it was. Still has far to go, though. The quality seems better and at least we don't have to watch a disembodied tiger head floating around during breaks. They even have some intermission talking (granted not much).
  10. I really liked the pod, from a spectator standpoint as well. Lots of awesome hockey. Have to make adjustments on the flay and implement them well. Huge pacing component, like a chess game trying to figure out when you are going to push and when you are going to coast. And LOTS of talent among the NCHC teams.Being able to watch lots of great hockey in a condensed 3 week period was a blast.
  11. I would take Sidearms Sports any day over CBS. Just saying....
  12. And off again. They are trying to give Gaber a hatty.
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