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  1. SOMEONE is going to get a greasy goal. Please let it be us.......
  2. I guess I meant Blacker. Sheez, cut me off......
  3. Yeah, Bussi is giving up some juicy rebounds, so shoot and hope a teammate is there to capitalize.
  4. This is not the game that I expected tonight. I expected about 10 goals scored tonight (maybe more). we look like we have trouble working and passing the puck in their zone. WMU is really good at clogging the middle.
  5. Officials (pregame): "Now what can we do to really tick off Pinto? I know! Let's let Attard play! Yeah, and let's let em pester Pinto and not call anything! Yeah, that should make him drop his gloves....."
  6. Crowd seems a bit quiet tonight. Maybe we can give them something to cheer about!
  7. I didn't see the WMU goal was tipped during the run of play, but I did see it on the replay. Still, Scheel could have at least got lucky.
  8. WMU likes to stretch the rink with their breakout passes. Our defense looks pretty good against it for the most part, but there are times when they are caught out, since our D-men like to join the attach aggressively. And don't let them set up in our zone, especially when they are not on a PP.
  9. Absolutely. This is when the seniors have to lead to the win.
  10. 1-0 Sioux! What an angle. Nice shot Adams??
  11. Should be another good game tonight. I am sure Pinto will be
  12. JT out again tonight? What the heck did he do?
  13. Thome has been solid as well. But towards the end of the season, you really need to pick a net minder and stick with him, so the team can gel better.
  14. Yeah, that was class hockey. Good win.
  15. And the refs have been found asleep at the screen.....
  16. Maybe Pinto is going to get a 5 for interference.
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