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  1. I don't know about visibility, but it sure is lively!
  2. We are having trouble establishing the zone. Once we set up the cycle, we are fine. Zone entry on the PP has been tough.
  3. Yes, definitely. The period was over. Why take that??
  4. Can't have neutral zone turnovers when the d-men are gassed.
  5. Come out strong and fast. Stay out of the box, dammit. Finish out the game, don't ever let up. Play smart with intensity. Live up to the legacy, and live up to your potential. This is a great team, it needs to play like it.
  6. This game and the next are important milestone games for the season. Either wake up and move forward, or drink heavily. I agree with breaking up Kiersted and JBD. Make it harder to exploit our short-sided defenseman roster. Gooch needs to relax a little and get back to the form he was in last year. I think the struggle this season is causing him to play tight and it does not suit him. Gaber is the real deal. Fun to watch!
  7. Good win. Now rest and get ready for Wednesday.
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