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  1. Oh, lets have another TV time out..... UNO need a rest.....
  2. Nope, but I lived with him for a few months after I sold my house and before I left beautiful ND.
  3. I don't mind when they complain about the penalties. I do mind when they complain about the UND players complaining to the refs. When clearly some complaining is due.....
  4. Good thing Thome is on his game. Another pass to an opponent in front of our goal. Grrr......
  5. Do they actually have the sound on at BeeDubs?
  6. Is the UNO goalie a delicate butterfly?
  7. Yeah, I bet he watched the review and went: "Whoops!"
  8. Well, at least it wasn't a major....... PK stand tall boys!
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