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  1. Since atmosphere helps with recruiting, could we move on from 60's and 80's music to something the recruits actually enjoy?
  2. See him as a FB at UND.
  3. Woden

    Player Departures

    I know something you don't know!!!! But I can't tell you, because I'm Honorable.
  4. I don't know that effortless 60-65 yard throw in the air against USD by Wentz was impressive. I don't think SU's offense allows him to show all of his attributes. But either way, Carson is not overrated. Easy to watch him and be impressed and understand why NFL teams would want him.
  5. This is absolutely one of the dumbest arguments out there if one sits down and analyzes it. The talent that UND faces in hockey is concentrated, and not spread out amongst more teams at the same level and first picked through by teams in a higher level. While teams like SCSU are DII and have to compete with hundreds of teams either at their level or much, much better for football, they are after some of the best hockey players in the nation. Hockey doesn't have near the drop-off in talent from the top dogs to the lower teams like football because even the lower teams get some of the best talent in the nation. Also, simply using name-recognition as the standard means nothing. It would be like making fun of NDSU for losing to Gonzaga in basketball. Clearly Gonzaga has a great basketball program, even if their name isn't known in other sports.
  6. If anything I would argue that Carson is underrated for the next level. He has had virtually no TE/WR to throw to the last two years in an offense that prides itself on running the ball. He has all the physical attributes you could ask for in a QB (size/speed/athleticism). Given 2-3 years to develop, I think he's a Joe Flacco-like QB, if not better.
  7. I'm not sure where NDSU fans think all this talent is? Granted, the 2013 NDSU team is easily top 3 if not best of all time in FCS/IAA. But what is there now? DL took a big hit from last year. LB took a huge hit from last year (though the MLB is top-notch; depth is not what it was). Safeties dropped off huge. Biggest loss of all, though, was Crockett. Prior NDSU teams not only had great starters, but the backups would start on most teams. This NDSU team, built around running and defense, has neither running nor defense and is trying to path it up by having a stud QB (possibly best ever at NDSU), throw to receivers that aren't good for this level (except Sheppard but he's young/slightly injured). I don't see the "talent," and I'm one of the most objectionable fans you'll find.
  8. Got a chance to see Studsrud in-person for the first time at the Davis game. He definitely needs to learn to get his passes out quicker. He waits to see a man open, instead of throwing the receiver open. It's a big detriment to the passing game right now. Those windows close quickly at this level. Hopefully it's something they are working on and he can get the confidence to throw the ball where it needs to be.
  9. Good game NDSU. 2-1, time to get back on track.
  10. Tell anyone before the season UND would be 2-1 after three games and they would be ecstatic (knowing it meant a victory over WYO or SU). Tell anyone before the season UND would be 3-0 after three games and you'd be at the NDSH. Either way, good start so far. Guys just need to keep battling every play and let the chips fall where they may.
  11. First time in Vegas. If I don't get too drunk on Friday night I'll be there.
  12. Woden

    Game Day Thread

    Interesting. No motion. Ball was snapped as the formation looks in this photo. Only thing I can think is that the linesman told the WR he was on. That is clearly an illegal formation unless I am missing something?
  13. Woden

    Game Day Thread

    Thank you for the review of the game. I watched the highlights, and UND did not blitz on this play. They had nickel in and brought 4. It appears a DB wasn't aware they were in nickel and comes running on right before the snap. That DB is one of two chasing after the WR. Also, we lucked out on the 52-yard run. Illegal formation as there were only 6 men on the LOS:
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