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  1. i'm sick of being a UND FB fan and Vikings fan on a day like today. Man, did I choose the wrong teams to cheer for....
  2. Although I would be in favor of Freund getting the OC job, my argument is not that he is the best fit/candidate for the job, just that the evidence suggests he will not be passed up for the job this time around.
  3. Evidence points to Freund as OC: 1. Bubba in press release said they want to "move as quickly as possible" - points to a candidate he has in mind. Repeated this on radio Monday evening as well. 2. If any "new blood" comes to UND, they will know Bubba is on thin ice --> hard to get a decent candidate from outside UND 3. If Freund is passed up for this job, he is likely gone, you can argue if that's good or not I think he is a young, smart, energetic coach, who will likely bring his own ideas to the drawing board.
  4. From what I've heard, Landry is a great guy, not the brightest bulb in the bucket. Also, you'd have to think Freund is gone if he is overlooked by Chaves. Not sure if that'd be a good thing.
  5. Additionally, with a guy with post-UND aspirations, one would think UND/Rudy would like to showcase other aspects of his game. For God's sake! The kid came here as a GD WR!!!!!!!
  6. IMO the most disappointing task the offensive coaches failed to achieve was not finding a way to use Santiago in other positions on the offense. Arguably, UND had 2 of the best RBs in FCS football and could not figure out a way to get them both on the field at the same time. Could they not throw Santiago in the slot? Could you imagine the matchup nightmares that would create? The lack of this shows the complete incompetence of the coaching staff. Financially, I do not think UND/Chaves is in a position to get rid of Bubba, but Rudy and Kositch need to leave immediately.
  7. All on the coaches that this game is even still being played
  8. 15 seconds left if he wasn't snapping the ball with 15 seconds each play clock
  9. There would be less than 1 minute left if there was better click management
  10. 7. Kick out of bounds 8. Pooch kick turns to Weber state on the 40
  11. For those saying special teams helped us today, 1. KO return was a Weber St missed tackle (at the 15) 2. FG block was a probable future NFL player making a play. 3. The offense's average starting field position? Anyone have this? my guess the 10-15 4. The defense's average starting field position? Anyone have this? my guess the 35-40 5. Missed point after 6. Weber gifted us an illegal down field on the fake punt. Nothing UND did on special teams was reassuring, 2 guys made 2 good plays, that's it.
  12. At this point, all comes down to halftime adjustments IMO. Can UND defend the 3 step/flares and zone read... or not ?
  13. Overall team looked good. Special teams still huge area of concern. Good road win against Big Sky opponent. See what injuries bring. UUUGE game next week !!!
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