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  1. About how I feel. I think it will come down to turnovers, especially if they happen on the wrong side of the 50. We play a clean game I like our chances.
  2. My bad. Couldn't help it. Now if su recruited a few of their sows their OL might be better than they've shown ao far.
  3. There will be plenty of fans watching the game and I'm sure lots of ndsu fans like this.
  4. Exactly. I've travel the entire state regularly and I talk and occasionally interact with younger kids that know dang well the history between the schools. But its time for UND to just do their part and keep progressing and it will shut up the arrogant turds. Make it go back to the golden days when the sh** pit was empty. Then see what they do when they start losing even more sponsors and can't charge the stupid prices people pay for tix.
  5. Anyone that doesn't know the history between the schools that grew up in ND, western MN, or northern SD either grew up living under a rock or are ignorant beyond help. With technology today these young people are aware of stats, records, etc. that are posted everywhere compared to 20 plus yrs ago before social media was like it is today.
  6. Well now ur talking about 90% of the bison fan base. I do give credit for what su has accomplished but the arrogance and ignorance of the fans that think su has dominated UND forever and will continue forever is mind boggling. But most of em are bandwagon fans anyway and o ya there is no rivalry.
  7. But as su fans have been saying forever that UND can only recruit d2 players and those that su doesn't want. This game should be another blowout with all their superior depth they always brag about.
  8. Dancing and laughing doesn't make them femine but dancing and laughing like little school girls might.
  9. Ya I guess and in this case those bison are still trying to figure out their gender.
  10. Ya I agree kids are kids. But aren't we talking about men now?
  11. If u say so. I've been in many winning locker rooms and can't recall anything like that. But i guess that is why mr potato head and dr seuss are the real problems today.
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