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  1. Agreed, I wish there was a way college hockey could mandate that but with many older rinks and underfunded programs it would be next to impossible to get everyone on the same playing field(rink size). But it is interesting on a week to week basis during the season keeping an eye on where your team will play on the road next and what size rink they have.
  2. Interesting take on the rink size. Heard a fair amount of chatter over the last few years that the big rink size at Mariucci is a recruiting detriment for guys with NHL aspirations. I thought I heard they were going to shrink the ice sheet but that obviously has not happened at this point. No one seems to be complaining about rink size in St Cloud, though.
  3. Agreed on St Cloud's arena. Had some fun times pregaming though. MC's Dugout has a free shuttle to the game, that's really the only place I've even pregamed there. I've heard tons of stories about the Red Carpet though Lots of fun places to pregame in Mankato but the arena is a lot like St Cloud IMO. I always love Duluth trips. So many places to go there! Would love to make a Denver or CO Springs trip one of these years. Omaha is still one of my favorite/memorable roadtrips. The outcomes of the games sure helped on that one but our group had so much fun! That was the old arena though, not sure what their new barn is like.
  4. Jury is still out on Granato IMO. He's got the talent coming in for sure, I'm still kind of in a "believe it when I see it" mode of thinking to see if he can piece it all together from a coaching standpoint. p.s. They always have good classes on paper because they have 50 player classes it seems. I can't believe the commits they get at a certain point when most of them won't make it to campus.
  5. It seats a little over 5k for hockey so I'd think UND could pack 'em in if they got placed there.
  6. Call Motzko about that if he needs advice since, according to Husky fans, the only reason he took the Minnesota job was for the money.
  7. I believe Bucci and Melrose mentioned multiple times that he committed prior to the coaching change and still stuck with it. In a time where it seems recruits flip flop all too often, it's nice to see someone stick to their word.
  8. I understand that. The same could be said of Minnesota in the scenario you laid out. What I'm saying is other fans would complain about a "home game" for Minnesota exactly like they are about Providence this year. I like your idea of having Mankato, Duluth, or St Cloud hosting in Minneapolis, I'm just saying it's likely not without flaw. UND is basically 50/50 with Gophers fans in past regionals I've seen at the X, for example. IMO UND isn't aren't a fair comparison for Minneapolis with the number of alumni that live in and around the Twin Cities. I think UND would be in the same discussion as Minnesota for a potential Minneapolis regional where other fanbases would cry about how unfair it would be to have UND get a "home game" even though they aren't the host.
  9. Then you'd run into the Providence scenario that Mankato did this year. If any of those schools bid and hosted in Minneapolis, just just know the NC$$ would place the Gophers there (if they qualified, obviously) and then fans would be crying just like they are this year about Providence. Hell, it would even be considered an advantage if UND was placed in a Minneapolis regional in that situation.
  10. And all the multi-use arenas out there just keep open weekends during college hockey playoffs in case the team that plays home games there ends up hosting in the first round? I don't think so.....
  11. Sure looks different in your picture than what I've seen in the past
  12. DrunkHockeyGuy has really changed his appearance over the years.
  13. For me Duluth fans have more than made up for the irrelevancy over the last decade or so and for that reason my disdain for them has grown. Quickly.
  14. It shouldn't matter what conference they're from. I'd say it's encouraging that a team who has historically not been a college hockey power, like Ohio St, is putting forth the effort and resources to become nationally relevant. It's good for the sport IMO.
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