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  1. I'm guessing this is about the time I turned it off. Got too depressed watching Gibby be Gibby and that spring training-esque lineup yesterday.....oof. Hopefully Odo is on tonight. Stashak only threw three pitches last night and I don't see the other two guys getting used in Cleveland unless things get out of hand. If Odo can go 6-7 tonight the Twins should be set up ok for the bullpen day Saturday. (Although Saturday is probably a throwaway game with twitchy Clevinger on the mound for the Tribe)
  2. Heard that earlier this week. Yeah, that could be tough to listen to. I don't hate PA's radio show, but his Vikings game calls are so insanely annoyingly over the top IMO.
  3. Weather doesn't look great here in the Twin Cities tonight, though. So maybe they won't get it in and Gibby/Odo get pushed back into the Cleveland series?
  4. I suppose it all depends on what happens to the bullpen tonight and tomorrow. If Gibby and Odo struggle.....all heck could break loose. Dobnak did well as the opener in Boston, not as well against Cleveland on Sunday. Although I guess it was just the one inning against Boston and they pieced the rest together. No matter what you plan to do with the bullpen day, the Twins really need to hope Odo can go 7 strong and give the bullpen some rest tomorrow. With really no idea what you're going to get from Gibby start to start, and especially coming back from the IL......we'll see, but I'm not hopeful.
  5. Only two playoff wins would either mean the agony of yet another NFC Championship game loss(four in my lifetime) or a new level of agony that I don't think my heart can handle if they were to lose in the Super Bowl. I was still a bit young to fully understand how awesome '98 was up until the Atlanta game, obviously. 41-0, nuff said. Favre's run in '09 was a great one but also one of the most depressed moments of my sports fandom when they lost in New Orleans. 2017 in Philly is pretty much "41-0 Jr". That's enough heartbreak for this Vikings fan, I can't even imagine how the old-timers have witnessed multiple Super Bowl losses.
  6. Luckily the Twins are better on the road lately so maybe they can repay the favor and take two out of three in their park?
  7. Try watching "QB1: Beyond the Lights" on Netflix some time. Some of these kids get it as early as high school. The attitude gets fostered in high school for some of these kids by their coaches, peers, and some of the worst offenders are the parents. You see it with the big time D1 football and basketball recruits too doing their reveal specials that, unfortunately, ESPN eats up. (Sorry for being off topic, back to Twins talk)
  8. CC is still on my list. Any suggestions for things to do there, pregame, postgame, etc etc?
  9. As it sits right at this moment, the answer almost certainly has to be "no". But then, who is your third starter going to be? You have Odo and Big Mike, unless Berrios or Gibson(gets healthy) gets their crap together then I'm not sure where you go there. Perez has been far too inconsistent in the second half of the season as well.
  10. MC's Dugout is my go to in Cloud Town. On Fridays they have had a free taco bar or some sort of mini buffet in the past when we've been there. It's not high quality food but it's a good base layer if you're trying to put a few drinks back. I DON'T, however, recommend the Hairy Buffalo. I still have nightmares about that thing from time to time, not because it was a rough night or anything, I will just never forget that disgusting taste. (Sorry to pile on, Goon, but my post on the first page of this thread pretty well sums up my thoughts on the Hairy Buffalo)
  11. I'm still in "I'll believe it when I see it" mode with Granato. But yeah, they are loaded. If there was ever a year for them to turn it around since the disaster that was the end of the Eaves era.......
  12. True. Like I said, a lot of the ripping Gibby takes is deserved. And I totally agree, the consistency is just not there. Pineda on the other hand......you pretty much know what you're getting every time out. Dick alluded to that last night during the broadcast if I'm remembering correctly. He gushes over Big Mike basically every start, though, so it's tough to remember sometimes.
  13. Gotta love Big Mike, dude just goes out and throws strikes. He got hit a little last night but obviously the bats picked him up. A shame they couldn't do the same for Gibson Monday but it happens. We all rip Gibby, deservedly so more often than not, but he only gave up one more run than Big Mike did last night. Also, I literally LOLed when the squirrel ran through Kepler's legs.
  14. So true, all or nothing with Gibson.
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