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  1. I’m still disappointed that I could get UND games on cable in the Twin Cities 5-10 years ago, but generally can’t now. Comcast even has a dedicated channel 999 that seems to always show a static UND logo but never a game
  2. I wonder if any hockey teams have a dedicated individual skills coach - someone who just focuses on teaching an individual player to avoid the defenseman, hit your mark in your shots, create a scoring chance without relying on a “system”? I know teams win, but teams of playmakers win more.
  3. Yep, in OT on a controversial power play for ND. Motzko was pissed. It’s too bad that game was televised while so few of ours are...
  4. Still 3-1 after two periods. Looking good...
  5. Officiating is definitely a weak spot in the league. I don’t think I’ve seen a game called well yet this year.
  6. I feel like ND misses the net on a lot of shots since the Blais era.
  7. The St. Cloud player held Wolainen’s stick and took a dive, and UND gets the penalty. Win or lose, I’m glad UND doesn’t play that way.
  8. This site still posts Pairwise, RPI, KRACH, and other rankings as well.
  9. Wisconsin’s always been a tough place to play. Good to see them keep working down a goal both last night and tonight.
  10. Not sure how that’s supposed to be a peace offering. Maybe stopping insulting him would work better?
  11. I can’t remember the last time UND looked great before the holidays. We’re way too early in the season to panic yet.
  12. Unfortunately you don’t get points for time of possession or shots on goal.
  13. Hides the dried blood well
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