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  1. Thank you! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. SCSU is the Duke of NCAA hockey - never trust them in the brackets. Congrats to @UNDBIZ and @CLASSY FREDDIE BLASSIE - I'm happy to share the honors! When do we receive our mountains of prizes?
  2. The product hasn’t been great, which is certainly a big part of this picture, but I feel like the concepts I talked about above are well at play here. I don’t care what else was going on last night, this is a truly pathetic turnout for the Gophers.
  3. Thanks for that. I knew there weren't any 06-08 but I wasn't sure before then. I recall that when it got below zero, the walk across campus was actually nicer than warmer days - your legs would start to go numb and you stopped feeling cold.
  4. I seem to recall a second-hand quote from President Kupchella that if students were willing to risk their lives to go to the bars, they could risk their lives to go to class. Was there ever a snow day during his presidency? (99-08)
  5. Schlossman made it on Bleacher Report with this scoop from yesterday: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2757267-tom-brady-mvp-acceptance-speech-appears-to-leak-at-patriots-press-conference?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial https://twitter.com/SchlossmanGF/status/959262020234301441
  6. In today's world, they know that the e-mail got to you, you opened it, you clicked on it, all of your survey responses, and any other pages on UND's websites that you browsed. Or they don't want you to win the raffle.
  7. Can you imagine if they tried to take someone out of their seat at the Ralph? "We've oversold the UM games...you'll be rebooked for the St. Cloud series."
  8. Let me be clear - I'm not trying to reinstate the previous topic used for discussing Fargo. This is not for discussing crime - just for business topics, like the Grand Forks one. Anecdotally, it seems like Fargo is in a bit of a downturn. When I lived there, (2014-2016) I was worried about what I perceived as over-building in housing (especially in high end homes) and over-expansion of businesses. My feeling had been that the growth in restaurants/retail was being propped up by temporary demand increases due to the over-construction going on in the housing and retail markets. Once
  9. I lived on the east side for a few years - I love Saint Paul, but I never left anything of any value anywhere that wasn't locked :/
  10. Sorry to hear about this. If I was you, I would set up a google alert for anyone selling a Hoogsteen jersey. Shouldn't be too many hits on that. If you're lucky, you'll find a craigslist post for it and be able to track down this motherf...not nice person. I can't speak to what the GFPD does (or wherever you might find the jersey) but many departments nowadays will help you out in confronting the individual and recovering your property.
  11. Dang. As a student who golfed, it was always nice to be able to run over to RR and play for $10. It did suck that the course was only open for 3 months while school was in session...so maybe it does make sense in that regard. Still hate it, especially for Dustin and Nerby. There isn't exactly a huge amount of other jobs out there in GGF for golf courses, so I hope those guys land on their feet somewhere. They did a heck of a job managing that course on a shoestring budget for years. Looking forward, if they want this property to become connected to campus, they're going to have to d
  12. The $100 price tag is aggressive. From their perspective, I can't blame them for trying it out though. I don't know what their single game ticket quantity available is, but if it was 2,000 seats per game, you're talking about $200,000 in extra revenue on the weekend. That said...IMO - the UND athletic dept. should address this sort of pricing behavior in any future agreements with schools. Either a cap on the % increase allowed or a revenue share on any increase over the average ticket price that school charges. For conference games, the NCHC should exercise some muscle in stopping the si
  13. Kudos to you for the verified info on this. Nice work. +1 for the chicken-sandwiched comment alone. CFA has had North Dakota on their open locations for franchisees for about a year now. They had some franchisee interest meetings in the state this spring. I would have to assume Fargo is getting one as well, given they held franchisee meetings there. Hopefully whoever got the franchisee slot(s) is a local. It's a good opportunity to "own" your own business with very little money required. I say "own" because CFA actually owns everything...but a $10,000 investment for a franchis
  14. Their service wasn't always the fastest, but they had great bread and baked goods. Sad day for eating in Grand Forks - Dakota Harvest has closed its doors. The business had been up for sale since January. I'm assuming they never found a buyer...also assuming the closure was not financially related. The last few times I was in there, it was just as busy as ever.
  15. What's with the Popolino's hate? Their crust is delicious. Maybe it's a difference of style preference or something...but they are the best pizza in town IMO. I don't make a trip back to GF without hitting up 746-POPS.
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