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  1. If NDSU had just finished 5-6 the way UND did, would Entz still have a job? I doubt it. Collectively, our expectations stink as do our results.
  2. College football likely about to undergo a major shift(transfer portal, NIL, conference realignment. etc) Not sure how it will all shake out, but likely 4 FBS super-conferences(ACC,B1G,SEC, P12). If FCS is destroyed in the process, UND needs to be ready to move with the Bison and Jacks.
  3. I will look for that. The offense includes multiple shifts and usually motion on each play which also makes it much tougher to call traditional audibles.
  4. I don't think this a big secret anymore. It was an ongoing problem.
  5. I would agree, most larger and accomplished high school programs have an audible or two each week. I watched each game bell to bell this fall minus the Missouri state 2nd half. I have also watched most of this falls games a second time and I have not seen a single offensive play, where the QB recognizes something in the defense and changes the play. If someone knows of a play where an audible happened, I’d love to rewatch the play.
  6. I don’t follow. If audibles are not In UND offense, not sure how that would be on qb’s.
  7. That’s my observation as well. I have rewatched several games, and I see no evidence of audibles being called at the line by Tommy.
  8. What is your basement acceptable threshold(contract extension) for Bubba in 2022? 4 wins? 5 wins? 6 wins? Playoffs?
  9. It’s the details which are the difference between UND’s 2021 5-6 and lining up in Frisco in 3 weeks . Our details stink. At MSU all we had to do was take the play clock down to a couple of seconds before each snap after going up 28-17 and we win despite both of the 4th qtr fumbles. It’s sad because Bubba was good enough to assemble the team and get us to the threshold, just couldn’t cross it. Bubba is a great ambassador for UND but the chances are slim he gets it done next fall.
  10. Yep. Started the year ranked 8th. With the above mentioned short-comings cleaned up, we would all be figuring out our flights to Frisco.
  11. I don't remember Tommy calling an audible all season. If you remember a specific instance, let me know and i will re watch.
  12. Missouri state for starters. Did you forget about the end of the half vs WIU?
  13. This is spot on. Football isn’t rocket science, and coaching is supreme. Football at every level is full of examples of this.
  14. What does that have to do with key moments of just plain bad football? You have so many excuses. So your thought process is if phase 2 was complete Bubba would have called timeout vs NDSU on 4th down, we would have run out the clock vs missou st, we would NOT have called timeout to start the 2nd half vs USD….I could go on and on? Do I have that correct?
  15. Is it that hard to understand that we choked in that moment. Call me whatever you want. NDSU had nobody back to catch the punt, left their defense in. They knew exactly what was happening . How did we not call timeout? Who would not call timeout!?
  16. Over time. Absolutely. The more screw ups the less chance of winning. The 4th down vs NDSU was a fantastic example. They were prepared for the trickery, UND had not prepared for NDSU being ready for the fake.
  17. Players screw up because they are not prepared, doesn’t matter which level it is at. There are obviously some good things that have happened under Bubba and some of his staff, but there are also some massive problems. We began the season ranked 8th in FCS and barely won 5 games, all against bad teams. I truly hope I am wrong, because I like Bubba, but it’s a 90% chance a year form now we are trying to figure out who the next coach will be.
  18. A football coach is supposed to make the sum of the parts more valuable than they are as separate parts. Bubba took a team which should have won 7-9 regular season games (more if it beats NDSU) and we barely made it to 5 wins. You tell me what was wrong and what you think happens next season? It’s not an easy start to the season.
  19. I’m tired of a vastly underperforming program and all the excuses some of you make. Go back and look through my posts over the years, I had the blinders on for a long time.
  20. Yeah I’m the idiot and you think Bubba is just not “lucky”.
  21. Don’t disagree. You have made my point. The Bison are still playing and we haven’t played for almost a month. don’t forget the first fumble happened on a trick play with a sizable lead. How many times had Otis practiced that play? Otis had been awol two weeks earlier for most of that week. I’m obviously tired of being in the top 35 of FCS when UND should always be top 10. I also have lost faith it will happen with Bubba. I’m a realist.
  22. You mean the team we beat in 2019? That team? Vigen has put that team into the championship, we have been recruiting for a month.
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