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  1. Good points in your post. I think the question for UND fans and the pollsters is will UND be the team from the first half of spring 2021 or will it be the team from the last half of spring 2021 and the fall of 2021. I think defense may take awhile to find its way, with several multi year starters to replace. Offense needs to come out of the gates fast with improved OL play and QB play.
  2. In reality, Bubba and co, took a fairly good Hawks team(on paper), and had to win 3 of their last 5 to finish 5-6. Very, very disappointing to say the least. I have no idea how any pollster would vote the Hawks in the top 25. Finished in a tie with Indiana State for 7th and the 3 Hawks victories were against 9th, 10th and 11th place finishers in the MVFC. As some of you lose your minds with my comments, tell me where you would rank the Hawks in the MVFC and then nationally and why.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/rankings/fcs-coaches-poll/ @Nebraska - Loss #25 - Northern Iowa - Must win @Northern Arizona - Must win #17 - @Southern Illinois - #14 - Missouri State - Must win @Youngstown State - Must win #5 - South Dakota State - Abilene Christian - Win @Indiana State - Win #20 - vs South Dakota #1 - @North Dakota State - Based on information today, UND needs to go to SIU with 2 wins. After last fall, its not hard to see UND hosting Abilene Christian with 5 losses. On the flip side, get the offense going out of the gate, the defense fills the holes, and we could be hosting Missouri State with 3 wins. Wish it was September already.
  4. At FCS level, the $20K scenario is a waste. The "sure things" don't end up in FCS.
  5. Fascinating time in college football. We will be lucky if the $ doesn’t destroy the game we love at the collegiate level.
  6. He was never good enough to put up with all the off field issues. Cost Bubba program a ton.
  7. Good points. OL will be key and could be better even without waletzko. Tommy needs to run 3-6 times a game, designed and scrambles. Find a way to stretch the field more consistently. Need some guys to step up quickly replacing multiple year starters on D. DL needs to be strength. Better in game coaching decisions. If we can find a way to be 3-2 by the time we travel to Youngstown, could be a really good season.
  8. Hopefully the offense has gotten some of these shortcomings ironed out. 2022 has to be less frustrating than 2021...right?
  9. Love to see this. Obviously the higher Matt is taken, the better for the program.
  10. Always wanted to go to a game in Missoula. I'll be at that one!
  11. Sounds like it was tough to gauge whether we were able to fill any holes on D, and improve the O.
  12. Thanks for recap . Wanted to make it up today in person. Seems like kind of a blah spring. Maybe that’s a good thing considering all the football in the last year for this team.
  13. So after watching the Hawks last season, we lost to the Bison because of their great recruiting? Were you actually at the game? How about Missouri State? UND lost that game because the MSU players were so much better than the UND players? Is that what you really think? I'm not saying UND does not have some good coaches doing really good things, but you seem to think that if not for the the outstanding coaching, UND may have only beaten Drake? Or in your estimation was that win, two evenly matched teams and Bubba just was able to get the boys better prepared for the game?
  14. Then you don't really watch the games. One of the biggest reasons for the Bison run the last decade plus, is they rarely give a game away. UND lost 2 games with massive 2nd half coaching mistakes with the lead.
  15. I agree with your synopsis of that game, huge loss which enabled a needed change. Looking back through Bubbas entire tenure, it’s littered with missed opportunities. The high points are the wild 2016 BIg Sky championship season, the first 4 games of the 2020 spring season and the 2 wins vs Sam Houston. The rest of the tenure is very, very blah with many, many missed opportunities.
  16. After last fall I think the early spring 2021 success was a fluke as opposed to a trend . Again I hope I am very wrong but we gave the game away at SIU, their trend line is moving up, ours is not. I also remember a game at NAU in 2018, win and “we are in”…we laid a massive egg.
  17. Yes, as he should. As soon as that is on his resume he will be on to the next athletic program. Bank on it.
  18. @Nebraska will be a loss Northern Iowa will likely be favored based on rankings and the line. Alerus has been great for us. Push at this point @Northern Arizona - could be favored, if we are 0-2 then we won't be favored on the road. Push at this point @Southern Illinois - SIU will likely be highly ranked, we are on the road. Loss Missouri State - If we are 0-4 or 1-3 this is a "must win". Push at this point. I see the offense as similar to the fall and the last 3 games of the spring of 2021. The defense will need guys to step up at LB and in the secondary to replace graduations and defections.
  19. Very sad, but you are probably correct. 5-6, 6-5, 7-5, the occasional 8-4 or 3-8...its all good.
  20. Is that an update from spring ball? Would be the first actual news on UND spring ball I have seen.
  21. The play at about one minute? Direct snap to Otis? handoff to Belquist? Q was going out for a pass? The second fumble, I would tend to agree with you. If the first fumble does not happen, the second fumble does not matter.
  22. No, of course not, but in football it's supreme and certainly trumps talent(within reason). The evidence is everywhere at every level. UND had the talent to win every MVFC game last fall and make a deep run in the playoffs. Momentum is also key in football, in-game and seasonal, UND's went in reverse last fall. Case in point, what do you think the players were thinking at USD when we started the half with a timeout? You think that was inspiring and gave them confidence? None of this happens in a vacuum as far as the players and their confidence in themselves and the coaches. That confidence is the trump card at NDSU.
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