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  1. I think Bobby Petrino is paging you down at Missouri State... 2015 - 0-8/1-10 2016 - 2-6/4-7 2017 - 2-6/3-8 2018 - 2-6/4-7 2019 - 1-7/1-10 Petrino 2020 - 5-1 CHAMPS/5-5 NCAA playoffs 2021 - 6-2 RUNNER UP/8-4 NCAA playoffs
  2. Shall we try looking at fall 2021 from a different perspective? Which game, sans USU, could the loss be directly attributable to coaching(game management, time management, play calling, adjustments etc)? I understand its easy to nitpick after the game, but in EVERY loss last season there was at least one pure head scratching moment and even in the win vs WIU there was the disastrous time management at the end of the first half. Basic football laws: Don't go for it with a lead in the 2nd half on 4th down at your own 20... Don't start the half with a timeout on offense... When playing with a lead in the 4th quarter, take the play clock down to 1-2 seconds on EVERY snap... Don't call a trick play on 4th and short with the lead on the road in the 4th qtr... If in doubt, call timeout when driving for the go ahead TD late in the game... Doing any of those things is generally bad luck in football...
  3. Last fall was the most painful UND football season I can remember.
  4. Back at you! If you want me to talk strictly as a fan, I will tell you that we will pull of an upset in Lincoln, win every game and then beat the Bison in Fargo and Bubba will be coach of the year. How's that. If you want to get an opinion on the difference coaching makes in football, how about you ask Matt Stafford.
  5. Coaching is supreme in football and within reason much more important than talent. Based on last fall, IMO, we will never have enough talent to overcome the coaching problems. Take a look at this falls schedule, what would your over/under be on wins?
  6. It was the biggest play in UND football over the last 15 years at least and likely changed the trajectory of the the game, the season, Bubba career and UND football in general. As for the first fumble at MSU, did we forget it was a trick play involving a guy who had missed a bunch of practice and a game or two over the preceeding month?
  7. He's part of the mix to me, Smith is the guy who can be "the guy" IMO. Need him to continue and develop and stay healthy.
  8. RB is a question mark only from a durability aspect to me. I think we have a couple of capable guys, just not sure they can handle 25 carries a game over 11-15 games. The other part of our offensive regression last fall is there is lots and lots of film out there of Tommy and our offensive scheme.
  9. Will our personnel ever be good enough to overcome these deficiencies? Does FCS talent exist on any team, good enough to overcome these deficiencies? After last fall, these are very real questions.
  10. My feelings too. With better coaching last fall, that team is a seeded playoff team and makes a very deep run in the playoffs.
  11. Hope you are right. Overall I don't see the OL being much different with possible improvement at a couple positions and big shoes to fill at LT. Smith and Mitchell could make us forget about Otis, both need to stay on the field. I agree on Maag, could be a real difference maker. The offense needs to be better, not sure how the defense doesn't see some drop off, especially early. Lots of holes to fill on D.
  12. The beginning of the second half @USD, the NDSU game 4th down and a few other key moments, I think it could be described as "minute by minute" or even "second by second".
  13. After last fall I really have trouble getting excited about the offense at all. Would be awesome for Danny and the offense to rebound in a big way. Just not sure I see it right now. RB is a question mark, OL is a huge question mark, QB will be the same.
  14. This is very disappointing. What happens if there is regression from last fall? Looking at this fall's schedule it is not hard to imagine UND getting off to a less than "good" start. Which of the first 5 games would UND be favored in today? @Nebraska Northern Iowa @Northern Arizona @Southern Illinois Missouri State
  15. I love Bubba, but your synopsis of his tenure, and last season in particular, is spot on, so inconsistent. IMO, need to clean up your list and win at least one playoff game, or no extension.
  16. Do not understand this. Should have been in Phase 2 and had the other coaches in Memorial village.
  17. Where are offices for the football staff?
  18. Only way that changes is to beat NDSU on the field. WIn and the $ will follow.
  19. Anyone have any idea when spring practice begins? Any schedule? Would love to make it up for a practice or two if they are open.
  20. Good points. Bubba is a great ambassador for UND. His record says he is an average to slightly above average head football coach. Deboer's record says something else and that there is a much higher upside. If Bubba coaches at UND another five years he will likely make the playoffs 1-2 more times and we will have a minimum of 3 wins a season and a maximum of 8 wins and very likely lots of 6-5 and 5-6.
  21. You seriously think the Bison are going P5?
  22. Of course the UND program would not be in the same spot. If UND finishes that game in Grand Forks and wins the the national championship, the UND football program is in a much different and better place. It didn't happen, and it didn't happen for the reasons UND program is where it is.
  23. Which was a problem all year season.
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