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  1. Just a solid hockey game. Fast, exciting, and no soccer players out there tonight
  2. 2 and 10s for poehlings, kiersted, and weatherby
  3. Now would be a great time for our modified powerplay to put one.
  4. I know. Just getting frustrated we with this game/weekend.
  5. Wonder if there were any majors in the youth game?
  6. I know, played in a few games. Never pulled a stunt like that.
  7. How about ahcan holding his knee. Then immediately jumping over the boards after the review
  8. Ahcan out there too. Our football team needs the SCSU medical staff
  9. Down 1 with the top 2 centers out of the game
  10. Does Gino and Nick get an assist on that goal?
  11. Glad to see Nick Poehling gutting it out Wheres the sacasism front?
  12. Surprised there wasn't a 5 minute lifting the stick there
  13. Nick poehling looks fresh after that devastating 5 min interference
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