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  1. Is Feeney going to get some time in the third
  2. They keep this up western Michigan is going to have nodak-19
  3. Is Carson going to have a short debut?
  4. Christmas comes earlier for Western
  5. People like this should never be in the position of power.
  6. Agreed. It amazes me how the government reacts to an emergency. It might have a solution, we'll see you in a couple of weeks. Case numbers increase, in 48 hours businesses will be closed, no one from outside your house can be in your house. Come on man.
  7. The Biden administration won't but the states will. Wonder if federal dollars will be part of the decision?
  8. Apparently people referred to it as targetto.
  9. If they were, we'll never hear about them. My personal guess is somewhere near the cases caused during the the peaceful protests/riots earlier this year.
  10. So a National Title isn't a goal?
  11. Do you need a hug? You seem agitated.
  12. MN schools will be distance learning to start and likely through December. Lock of the week.
  13. Probably 2 to 3 times more than a typical night at Mariucci.
  14. Just need to put them away. Don't let them hang around
  15. UND acting like the puck has coronavirus
  16. When's the last time we got a shortie?
  17. Still better than SCSU and UMD announcers
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