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  1. And the oscar goes to.... The soft SCSU player Reminds me of the "I've fallen and I can't get up " commercial
  2. Has there been any chatter on chartered flights out of msp?
  3. Hopefully they didn't use the same form we used
  4. What is our record on CBS college sports? It has nothing to do anything, but I am just curious.
  5. wondering if the team on ice now could get a ppg
  6. We got hosed we got hosed in different area codes area codes hosed.
  7. Down UNO Player:they call a penalty? Trainer:stay down a little longer or make sure you walk down the tunnel
  8. Is it just me or is this most boring 4 to 0 game of all time?
  9. I know Thanksgiving was last week, but God am I thankful I don't have to watch Bronco hockey every week.
  10. We aren't real crisp tonight and wmu running a trap defensively
  11. Need to get some of these western Michigan players some double runners to help them stay on their feet.
  12. Poor Motzko didn't get his 300th win this weekend.
  13. Scheel with a black Friday deal for the gophers. But we are starting to take over.
  14. Anyone think Motzko is regretting taking the U of M job?
  15. Lineman might have made the defensive player of the game for the gophers so far
  16. How awesome would it be if the announcers said you re watching DU hockey on ESPN 8 the ocho
  17. Is Shapely a theater arts major?
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