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  1. First the delayed flight, then the delayed whistle
  2. Roll 4 lines, stay healthy, and don't learn bad habits.
  3. NCHC needs to get rid of CBS College Sports.
  4. Thome not looking sharp so far. Not talking about the goal
  5. Tychonick from Scheel on that UNO goal
  6. I have been to a frozen four. Tickets were expensive.
  7. Roughneck award should have gone to the fans that watched the entire game. For the record, I wasn't eligible because I fired up the PS4 after the second.
  8. I wasn't knocking the ice quality. The team was falling down all over the place like a pee wee team. Denver is a good team, but the team looked terrible.
  9. Did the guys walk on concrete? We are falling all over the rink tonight
  10. Is amazon google and apple shutting this down too?
  11. If all else fails dump the puck over the boards. Works well during the 1st dozen of beer league games. Nice way to catch your breathe.
  12. Have they given a time line for the injured players?
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