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  1. Have been and will forever be. I’m extremely critical. I expect wins not a .500 d1 record. At what point in the d1 era does und expect to win these type of games. I would venture to say 10% thought und had a chance. The winning expectations don’t exist. And for good measure ... Bubba CAN NOT win a big game. This one was close. But close doesn’t cut it. Also, what good would it be to make the playoffs and get embarrassed? Maybe not even embarrassed just lose. Und had a seed in “16”. They had two weeks of healing up and dissecting opposing teams. Home game with a great crowd. A completely broken Richmond team came to GF after a west coast trip the week before and walked away a victor. Und gained zero from that experience. Actually I would say it’s been a downfall since. I feel the FCS should go to a 8 team playoff format. The other 16 teams are only there for participating ribbons. Is there anything here that have I lied about ? Is there anything you would debunk ?
  2. This right here. I’m at the point I’d rather und not make the playoffs so the embarrassment is kept at a regional sake and not a nation wide publicity. Deflating
  3. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Und just can’t win a big game. Frustrating
  4. A valiant effort. Und just is incapable of beating a legit team. Loved bubbas aggressive nature. 6 years of boring ass conservative nature. He gave it his all.
  5. The line play has been fantastic since the1st qtr. Playing great right now. Bubba has FINALLY being aggressive! Absolutely love it.
  6. Weber is a more talented and a better coached team. Anything can happen on any given Saturday ...but would require quite a few “breaks” for und to pull off the victory. Und has had the luck at home this year ...not so much on the road. The difference in today’s game ....Weber’s offensive and defensive lines. Their front four group on D is the best in the fcs. Very disruptive. It would be nice to see und go up tempo to maybe catch Weber off guard. Make their big d line run side to side all game with no time to inhale. Keep the ball on the edge or outside of the box. Try to loosen them up and then hit the middle. Unds lighter OL was built for up tempo ...not for grinding it out. Hoping to see freund call a great game Weber's offense has been gelling lately. Nothing “flashy” about their offense just effective and bullish. Their running back, Davis, could have a big day ....150-200ish yards rushing. Unds run defense hasn’t been that good going against Webers mojo. In 6 years Bubba hasnt shown he can beat a legit team. Needs to change Thinking 37-7 Weber. However, if und can get some things going offensively they could make a game of it for awhile.
  7. Would like to see the students move down to the end (210, 211, 212). Move the band to 213. Open 214, 215, 216 to general seating. General is the only way to keep together a tailgate party. Best times at memorial were on the east side (general). A few from our group leave once the tailgating is done.....for the reason of not being grouped up. Most of the wives could care less about the game .....they like to have a few drinks and crack jokes and talk “women things” .....as a group. Over the years I have spoken to quite a few people that have indicated they don’t like attending games as the people around them get annoyed at them for standing up and cheering. Ridiculous. In general seating I would think standing and cheering is mandatory. So I’m advocating two things ....move the students and makes three sections or minimum two sections general seating.
  8. Longtime fan

    2019 Season

    Sitting at 5-3. A little review / takeaways of the season so far. Also if und goes 2-1 over the last three games to end up on the bubble at 7-4 how would the committee critique or breakdown unds schedule: Drake- Win. (1-0) Und did exactly what they had to do. The committee could potentially take notice of this victory if drake wins the pioneer thus earning a playoff spot. If they don’t... this game was simply an expected W #1 ndsu- loss. (1-1). Und showed they haven’t closed the gap since the last time they played. Ndsu will be undefeated and continues its sickening run. Committee expected this loss. #22 Sam. Win (2-1) currently a decent win. First half was great ...second half was not. If sam wins out they could sneak into the playoffs which should help unds resume. They're currently at 5-4 overall 4-4 vs d1. Guesstimate 7-5 or 8-4 finish. Two gimme games left and one that might be competitive. 8-4 they are in...7-5 they would be out #21 EWU Loss (2-2) EWU is an average team at best. They can and have been exposed in so many ways. They have two d1 wins and und is one of them. N Colo being the other. 2-5 d1 record. Currently this is a bad loss. They end the season with three cupcakes and one decent team. Running the table puts them at 7-5 overall ....6-5 vs d1. Lose one more they are mathematically out. Not a playoff worthy team. Und would be their only “notable” win. Hard to know if the committee would consider this is a bad loss as its been noted over and over again that the name on your jersey is a major decision maker ....and EWU wears one of those jerseys. #12 UC Davis Win (3-2). Was not impressed with Davis. This game should of never come down to a last minute FG. Looking like the playoffs are off the table for Davis. Currently they are 4-5 looking to finish 5-7 maybe 6-6. Could be considered a good win in the committees eyes as they were highly ranked early on when und played them? Idaho st - loss (3-3). Perhaps unds most embarrassing loss ever. A bad idaho st team did whatever they pleased. 600+ yards of offense. Idaho st is 2-5 vs d1. They looked like they were playing a naia team. Und was never in the game. Massive consequences. Committee might have a little laugh with this one. This was not just a loss it was an embarrassment. cal poly- win. (4-3). Cal poly is not a good team, 2-6, and it took a mini miracle to bring home a victory. Unimpressive game. The committee sees a W. # 9 Montana St. Win. (5-3). As it currently stands Montana st is the one win that the committee will notice. Second week in in a row that a mini miracle was needed. Unds depleted D line stood up to the challenge and the ST ended up being an asset and for the most part won the game for und. Montana st hasn’t exactly been lighting it up the last three weeks. Und would love for Montana st to finish the season strong Games yet to be played : Weber. Their front 4 on D is extremely stout. Secondary took a hit from the last couple years. Not an overly impressive offense but effective. That Davis kid could run all over und. Loss (5-4) S Utah/ N Colo. bad bad teams. Expecting wins that don’t require last second miracles. (7-4) Before the season most had thought EWU and Davis would be strong teams. Highly unlikely either will be playoff bound. Und currently has played two teams projected for the playoff field and are 1-1 vs those two. Weber is there last chance to impress. Und has one absolutely horrible loss. Unds last four victories have come by 4,4,4 and 2. They could easily be 1-7. There is a lot of fcs football yet to be played but if things go as they should one would think though that a 7-4 record gets them dancing Grades: offense- “C” The talent level is missing. Danny has added some new life and wrinkles to the blah that was before. He just doesn’t have the weapons that’s needed for his style of OC calling. I still question why they don’t speed up the tempo on occasion. It had caught the opposing defenses off guard when they implemented it games past. Run game is miserable. The offense is very hit and miss. Its like the offense is either hitting on all cylinders or hitting on none defense “C” Montana st was a good/great game for the defense. But the run D has been bad. 5 of 8 games the opposing offenses have gained 200+ yards on the ground. Pass D has been fairly decent. Injuries are adding up ST “ D” getting better and basically won the game last week but still has a long ways to go Coaching “D” I truly feel und is lucky to be 5-3. They are less than a hand full of plays away from being 1-7. They are losing at most statistical categories including the points per game, the yardage game, turnover battle, anything ST related...etc and yet are above .500. My thoughts on the coaching have been out there all year. Talent needs to be upgraded. Making the playoffs would be great for fan moral but more importantly recruiting. Hoping for a 3-0 finish. Firmly believe a 2-1 is more realistic.
  9. Fantastic win!! Incredible performance by the D !!! And an extra heavy applause to the ST crew....wow. Great game. Who would of guessed the ST would be a positive factor. Three top 25 wins at home. Not sure how many teams can lay claim to that? Great week for a bye. Get rested and one last long plane ride for the year. Great win boys!
  10. These types of comments are an empty statement in regards to a pre game message post. Offers no relevant football conversational context. Obviously you’re a fan, this is a fan board ......what is your thoughts on unds d line as it’s most peoples concern right now? It has been mentioned numerous times here on SS....you know, a fan board for the fans. What’s your thoughts on Montana st? How do you think the injuries will affect today’s game , if it all? Thoughts on the ST crew .....will they be an asset to a victory today? Cant say for certain ....but it feels like you would prefer this site to disappear. You take everything way too personal. Your responses are not at a football level but rather at a personal level.
  11. As has been mentioned or noted .....Montana st loves to run right at you. Pound. Pound. Pound. Unds DL has been severely compromised. I would think most on here are/were in agreement that the DL was the one area where und would be vulnerable at beginning of the year ...now with Bennett being lost and Morrison out ....they will need the true freshman to play like upperclassman. Huge shoes to fill I would like to say a few things about mason Bennett. He is the blueprint to a player to which any team strives for and for what every player should strive to be like. Absolute class act , model citizen, fantastic player .....just a true complete role model. If indeed it’s career ending ....without a doubt it was a pleasure to watch him on the field as well as seeing him be a great ambassador off the field for und football ......all around fantastic person. Without question he will continue his playing time at the next level for years to come. Best to you mason!
  12. Longtime fan

    Cal Poly gdt

    Cal poly is horrible. 2-6 now. So is Idaho st 2-4 vs d1 teams. Idaho st abused und. Take what we can.
  13. Longtime fan

    Cal Poly gdt

    Won’t do a thing. Each week these clown coaches prove their worth.
  14. Longtime fan

    Cal Poly gdt

    TO!?? And another TO????????!??? This clown &$@! &$$!?%%% coaches are ridiculous
  15. Longtime fan

    Cal Poly gdt

    Can und pull off the upset over the 2-5 poly team? Cmon boys!!
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