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  1. Bought a bottle for Christmas. It was ok. Good news is the bottle was autographed.
  2. I found redbreast whiskey in Montana. It was very good and didn't cost $85 a bottle like Belfours.
  3. Haven't tried yet. You can find the product at the Right Spot. Hope it's good, kind of pricey.
  4. No worries, midco showed it later in the first period, in case you missed it.
  5. That sounds right, but that was back in 1987.
  6. Loved Scotty Dub. Remember the Friday night home game against Gophers. The place was electric. Scotty and Lou Nannes kid went at it not to far into the game. They said Nannes plane was late and when he got to his seat. His kid was already there. Great memories.
  7. There are a lot of Archibald stores. My favorite, watch Sioux play on Duluth. Archie was in penalty box. Puck dumped down ice just before he got out of the box. He skated from right to left, left his skates and wiped out Duluths goalie. Then skated back to penalty box. Pound for pound Ian Kidd was one of the toughest defenseman we had. He played the game well, but if it came to a fight. He was one of our toughest.
  8. I am looking for someone interested in purchasing my hockey tickets next year. They would be for January, February and March 2021. They are in section 314.
  9. How are the sales of fighting hawk merchandise going? There used to be a kiosk with items to sell at basketball games, haven't seen anything. Sam's club discontinued the sale of fighting hawks merchandise. Maybe just UND would be in our best interest. Maybe some of our poor showing in some sports can be attributed to the fighting hawks logo. Consider me one of those old guys with the in ability or want to change. Go Sioux
  10. Anyone notice Sam's Club quit selling fighting hawks stuff.
  11. Izzo reminds me of Jim Adelson. He hockey play by play was horrible.
  12. When we provide a better product. Maybe then we can talk about building something nicer. We cannot fill the Betty now..
  13. UND has a history of keeping coaches too long. I get we would be a stepping stone for coaches, but I would like to compete.
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