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  1. Just steam it on your smart phone.
  2. SDSU had a safety transfer from SMSU Michael Griffin in 19 that turned out well.
  3. Galvin is returning
  4. Turner and Haas are coming back
  5. Done with football. Moving on
  6. I think Graham Devore is gone as well.
  7. My son is on team says he and Tobin are gone
  8. Jordan, Should be back next year.
  9. I think Game will be canceled covid
  10. Evan Holm back this week
  11. jon28

    On to Cal Poly

    Holm is not traveling
  12. jon28

    Onto Sam Houston

    He will be back this week.
  13. word on the Street is Odom is moving to WR
  14. Dominique is playing safety now
  15. Congrats to Evan Holm for being selected to 1st team and Bennett Helgren and Travis Toivonen being selected to 2nd team 2015 All -USA TODAY Minnesota football team http://usatodayhss.com/2015/2015-all-usa-minnesota-football-team
  16. Cograts to future UND players Evan Holm 1st team Minnesota all - State football player 2015 and Bennett Helgren and Jake Geier as 2nd team all state selections. http://www.sunherald.com/sports/article46285560.html
  17. Roughnecks. rough·neckˈrəfˌnek/noun 1.informala rough and uncouth person.2.an oil rig worker.verb 1.work on an oil rig."his savi rough·rid·erˈrəfˌrīdər/nounNORTH AMERICANnoun: rough-rider; noun: rough ridera person who breaks in or can ride unbroken horses.a person who rides horses a lot.a member of the cavalry unit in which Theodore Roosevelt fought during the Spanish-American War.
  18. Bennett Helgren and Evan Holm selected to the Star and Tribune All-Metro first team.
  19. Congrats to 2 future UND FB players. Evan Holm and Bennett Helgren for being selected to Kare 11 All-Metro team. Watch the Video... KARE 11 2015 All-Metro defensive team Randy Shaver picks his 2015 All-Metro defense team. Check out this story on kare11.com: http://www.kare11.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2015/11/06/2015-all-metro-defense-prep-football-team/75321778/
  20. jon28

    Evan Holm

    The kid ran 4.35 40 at University of minnesota camp a 4.39 at UND camp and 4.4 at NDSU camp He also runs a 4.17 shuttle.
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