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sioux rube

Jeff Dubay

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2 hours ago, siouxstudent said:

Ive had season tickets since day 1. He sat next to us at a sioux gopher game at the Ralph. Cant recall the year but we were putting a whoopin on them. He literally lost his mind and started calling people out every which direction in the stands. Swearing non stop calling everyone f'n losers, saying we were all pieces of sh#t and should go back to our sorry loser lives in GF. There were alot of other things said of which 95% was coming from him. I just remember how bright red his face was the whole time. Thought he was going to pass out.



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So I creeped on his Facebook page. Of course he denies everything and says the truth will come out. Pretty much what he said in all his other encounters with the law. 

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