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  1. Heck if we need all of the sports then why not just add more! Just need to figure out the funding but that isn't hard right? I don't know why these people think we NEED way more sports teams than our fellow peer schools.
  2. Congrats Denver. They were the best team all year and deserved to win it all. Welcome to the Number 8 club! Dem Dirty Dogs got what was coming. Screw Duluth
  3. Big sky travel would be much worse. Longer flights. That's the same map as the summit and mvfc minus the Dakota schools.
  4. I like how all these letters to the editors fail to mention how they think UND can keep finding women's hockey? Where would the money come from??? Neither UND or the state has money so do we raise student fees to oh for it? UND would have to cut something so what do they think was a better option. We must keep our core sports to be a member of the summit. All these people do is complain but offer no feasible solutions.
  5. It's good to see a full house for these games. They need to keep the tourney in cities that have had the highest attendance.
  6. Go Denver! We need them to win and crush Duluth tomorrow! Karma is a biatch Duluth!
  7. Question? did Heidi attend women's hockey game this year? I know she went to at least one in NYC for the men. Now she would be a big hypocrite if she didn't attend a game for both teams
  8. What a sheet head Kelley was. I don't know if he intentionally wanted to tear down everything great about UND but he sure did leave his mark. From wussifying the student section, lowering the beer cup sizes, pushing to drop the Sioux logo, and censoring Beer Lady he really wanted to ruin many things that were great about UND. Nobody likes a nanny president who thought what would best for us students and fans as a huge outsider. i thank god he is no longer the president and he will NEVER BE MISSED. I think Kennedy has been the best thing to run that office in a long time.
  9. I will always remember that no matter how good or bad the game was going Beer Lady brought an instant spontaneous reaction of joy to all of those in the rink. She will be missed and will NEVER forget those great memories. RIP
  10. The NDSU game in the Ralph was pretty fun. The corners were blocked off to fill up the sideline seats. I want to go to a BB game in the Ralph again. If BB ticket demand goes up you will see games moved to the Ralph. It's the natural progression .
  11. Plenty of room for big raises for big time performances i.e. Hockey, football and basketball
  12. Those accomplishments in basketball are just fine with me! Making the dance gives UND more recognition nationally than any other sport at UND. Do you remember how much publicity NDSU got when they won the first round game? If you don't think making the big dance is a big deal then you must live under a massive rock.
  13. If everyone who complained today that was men's hockey was cut attended one game last year there would have been thousands in attendance right? If you are one of the outraged people then why didn't you attend a game? WiSioux did you make it to a game or have you ever went to one?
  14. It may be possible that more people attend youth hockey tournaments at the Ralph than our own women's college hockey team. Heck even Minot State prob has as many fans.... this is why it had to be cut
  15. You are serious right ? i rather see banners there in front of thousands of fans ranther than a WIH banner in the Ralph in front of hundreds of fans (that's reaching)