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  1. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    Just being realistic, not the type of person that says "bring on Bama"..... scheduling top P5 teams are not very winnable no mater who you are in the FCS. I got my sights on something bigger down the road this season.
  2. Sioux>Bison

    UND to cut women's hockey

    We also need to remember why these sports were cut instead of another sport. Conference requirements were huge in this decision. Women's hockey didn't help us get in the summit and only hurt UND by taking funds away from the other teams. People saying football should have been cut too because it lost more money is about the most ignorant statement I have heard. A huge part of our reach and notoriety comes from football. It's attendance at both home and away games blows most of the other sports out of the water. If we were to drop football we might as well go to NAIA because at that point the ability for national recognition goes down the drain. Why would we piss off one of our biggest group of donors by dropping football.
  3. Sioux>Bison

    2018-19 Season

    I was going to say what if he can't complete all the credits and not graduate? Will UND let him back? I guess we can assume the Gophers will make sure he gets them completed or resort to some dirty under the table deal....
  4. Sioux>Bison

    UND to cut women's hockey

    I saw in an article in the Billings Gazette (front of their webpage) that they claim women's hockey was the "most prominent and popular sport" at UND. If that isn't insulting and egotistical then I don't know what is. Basketball and Volleyball are by far more popular and I would be insulted to be an athlete on one of those teams. its the typical hockey snob syndrome like this that I cannot stand. Hockey players think they are better than everyone else (which is true for those like Boeser because he is actually superior). Hayduke must be one of them too.
  5. Sioux>Bison

    UND to cut women's hockey

    How dare you make any common sense in this thread! You must be a sexist!
  6. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    That would be awesome but if it turns into a 63-7 romp I hope our starters are out after they go up by 3 td. We could also do a rain dance and have a muddy shoot out like Washington State had last year or a couple years ago. Is there stadium outside with real grass?
  7. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    As soon as we are down 21 against Washington we need to put in our scrubs. No point in getting our starters hurt in what is pretty much an exibition game against a top tier FBS opponent. I agree there is a chance to win any game but we need to focus on games 2-11 that will really make or break our season.
  8. Sioux>Bison

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    Yo Sioux Volley what kind of conspiracy can you attach to this information. i saw they repainted the basketball floor but did not include the summit conference logo. Does this mean we won't be in the Summit for long and are possibly entertaining joining a FBS conference? That totally must be it.
  9. Sioux>Bison

    Grand Forks Economy

    The grand forks malls is almost entirely vacant on the ends with vacant anchor retailer. Stores need to start selling things people actually want to shop for and maybe they wouldn't go under. I'm a bigger guy and can barely find decent looking clothes from anywhere other than scheels and Cabelas. Retailers need to step it up.
  10. Doesn't the university have to use these logos in order to keep the trademark? Why have we not seen them be used
  11. Sioux>Bison

    Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    I love baker boy buns so I can imagine the new grinder buns are pretty good.
  12. Sioux>Bison

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    You can blame today's tame atmosphere on the nanny state UND athletic department. Rules on top of rules for the student section. Those students are dam adults and don't need babysitting. If you want the same atmosphere then go back to the old rules from the old Ralph. UNDs student section is looking more like NDSUs football student section where everyone looks bored when the TV cameras turn their way.
  13. Sioux>Bison

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Yup just the foundation and schoossman
  14. Sioux>Bison

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    I'm pretty sure all of this is over Kennedy getting rid of Women's hockey. The foundation was one of the big supporters of women's hockey before it was cancelled.
  15. Sioux>Bison

    Big Sky NFL prospects

    Maybe they have steered away from him until he is fully healed. Does the NFL ever sign free agent contracts with injured players?