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  1. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Is there a thread about EWU and Delaware getting snubbed from the playoff field? When are the ADs going to have enough and go to some computerized playoff selection. A lot of the picks make no sense.
  2. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    So when is Bubba going to dismantle the good ole boy coaching staff and bring in some real D1 coaches? This whole ND connection thing is not working. here is a good question. Which offense scored more points in the D1 era ? The Mussman offenses or the Bubba ones ?
  3. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Is there anyway we can get Mussman back as an OC? He did great at recruiting big time players i.e. Golladay and only really messed up the program when he became head coach. I desperate to get rid of Rudolph...... so frustrating
  4. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    Whether they were dealing or not they still got busted with a bunch of weed. They need to be good students and leave that Shiite until they are done with college. Be a role model and follow the law.
  5. Hawks - Eagles

    I really don't see the team to the south sitting two star players for violating team rules. Props to the EWU coach for sticking to his integrity even with such an important game on the line.

    Bubba needs to fire Rudolph today. If he wants to be nice he needs to do it this week so at least he can watch his son play in the championship football game. Send him to Fargo!
  7. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Gophers - SATURDAY Gameday

    That was a major penalty every time . Such a dangerous play to make. You would all feel different if he got injured. Plays like that need to be eliminated from hockey and 2 min penalties won't help it.
  8. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    I think studs has had enough. My god block a guy please !
  9. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Bubba not happy about something with refs
  10. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Reyes catching punts with one arm. Caught most of them too. Put him out there!
  11. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Was it really an int?
  12. New AD wish list

    We don't need some former high school administrator to run UND's athletic department. We need somebody focused on football and basketball because that is how the university grows. Hockey at about maxed out in potential so no use in hiring a hockey guy. I really hope big hockey donors don't skew Kennedy into going with a hockey guy.
  13. 2017 Season

    As a Packer fan I can relate to this post to the what is happening to UND. Look at a Aaron Rodgers and his injury ridden offensive line. He couldn't get anything going against the bengals and we also know they struggle running without a passing game. UND is experiencing the same thing. Until our backup young linemen get experience it may be rough for a few games. I don't think it's fair to expect this team to be a top 10 team with this many 2nd and 3rd string players. I do think we should be more competitive than the last two games but we just need to give it some time to these players to get the hang of their positions. I think Rudy needs to play call like it's the 4th quarter game winning drive on every possession because we need a high scoring offense to help out our defense. PASS MORE! I'm not ready to give up on this team and I don't think they are tarnishing the UND reputation they are trying to build. I know many are saying injuries are not an excuse because we should have more depth, but the amount is just overwhelming that a guy can't fairly blame anyone for these loses against some really good opponents.
  14. The Hawks against the Coyotes

    The sky isn't falling quite yet. A ton of season left and we will see who steps up. That was not the best the fighting hawks can play even with all the injuries. They need our support this weekend!
  15. Gameday vs USD

    I'm just saying we banged him up throughout the game. If he has to run like that against playoff teams he is going to get hurt. I agree he can pass the ball too so they should go that route if they want to keep him healthy. Running quarterbacks don't last long at the higher levels of football.