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  1. Ha Minot is worse than Grand Forks. I don't see any industries trying to make Minot home. Housing is overpriced and the downtown is a slum. Grand Forks has to completely fall apart before it becomes Minot. parks downtown are not needed if they are simply a park. The whole greenway is a park and that's enough. Grand forks needs a nice hotel and small convention center downtown. It would be an easy choice in where to stay if that was the case.
  2. Is that titleist hat fitted?
  3. Kelly was the main driver behind treating the students like prisoners. I guess no other school in the history of colleges has done a crude chant. UND was the sole driver of changing the beer sizes because they thought a 32oz beer was too big to drink during intermission. The REA is somewhat in charge but I guarantee you they listen to what the athletic department demands them to change. This policy has now flopped and many students chug 2 -24oz beers, so much for stupid rules to reduce bing drinking... kelley was in fact to blame with censoring beer grandma. He was the one that rose a fuss because he thought she promoted drinking to the students. If you think showin beer grandma on the scoreboard is detrimental to the student busy you need to get your brain checked. There is nothing as innocent as her. kelley supported dropping the nickname because he thought it was actually offensive and not because the NCAA left us no choice. He never had the best interest in mind for UND. I really can't think of anything on campus as his memorable legacy. It's night and day when compared to Kennedy.
  4. #sorrydad
  5. You would think think those same Chippewa would concentrate on opposing Central Michigan university...... oh wait they are too busy going into the Sioux's business...... sounds a lot like the history between the two....
  6. I think I'm the article it said that he tried boxing. I'm hoping he is in decent shape after this break and trained even a little. Either way he won't be a fresh as he was when he was a freshman. I think the step from HS as a running back to D1 is bigger than the resumption of a D1 career after a year break. Look at it as recovering from a long injury without he baggage of actually having a big injury. Im happy his family and friends have supported him coming back.
  7. He has a real opportunity to get a nearly free education by playing football. By sticking with football he also has a chance at the big league if he develops like we expect him to.
  8. The article also said NDSU made a call. This shows how big of a talent this man is. He has so much potential for his football career and for his future occupational career. I can't wait to see him play another 3 years and by the end of that he may be playing on Sundays or at the very least becoming a huge role model for the MHA nation. Good luck to Mr Grady, can't wait to see you play this fall!
  9. Heck if we need all of the sports then why not just add more! Just need to figure out the funding but that isn't hard right? I don't know why these people think we NEED way more sports teams than our fellow peer schools.
  10. Congrats Denver. They were the best team all year and deserved to win it all. Welcome to the Number 8 club! Dem Dirty Dogs got what was coming. Screw Duluth
  11. Big sky travel would be much worse. Longer flights. That's the same map as the summit and mvfc minus the Dakota schools.
  12. I like how all these letters to the editors fail to mention how they think UND can keep finding women's hockey? Where would the money come from??? Neither UND or the state has money so do we raise student fees to oh for it? UND would have to cut something so what do they think was a better option. We must keep our core sports to be a member of the summit. All these people do is complain but offer no feasible solutions.
  13. It's good to see a full house for these games. They need to keep the tourney in cities that have had the highest attendance.
  14. Go Denver! We need them to win and crush Duluth tomorrow! Karma is a biatch Duluth!
  15. Question? did Heidi attend women's hockey game this year? I know she went to at least one in NYC for the men. Now she would be a big hypocrite if she didn't attend a game for both teams