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  1. 2018 Bracket Challenge

    Made my picks, but I sure don't like them!
  2. Early Departures 2018

    This ^^. One thing that seems to get overlooked a lot, is what the NHL team's pipeline looks like. Wolanin is going straight to the NHL and will get part of that entry level contract over right away, because he is going to a team that's not making the playoffs and it's easy to insert him. For Shane to go to DC, he'd be headed to a playoff contender who already has established players in his spot. They are much less likely to put him in day 1 and mess with the chemistry, unless they see him as an obvious upgrade over the player already in the lineup. Signing now potentially just gets him to the AHL. Just look at what has happened to Zane in Boston. Rask is the #1 and Khudobin is #2. Meanwhile, Zane toils in the A, and has to watch Subban do fairly well in Vegas after getting out of the Bruins' chain, and a guy like Charlie Lindgren is getting a bunch of starts for the Habs.
  3. 2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    I, too, purchased tickets for the end the visitors shoot at twice. Logic being, we were the lowest seed, so would be "visitors" in both games. Friday, it was the wrong end. Saturday, it was the right one. I don't put that on the X - there was something else in play to decide ends, I just don't know what.
  4. 2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    That was the one time I enjoyed being at Target Center. There were some fans in a suite behind us taunting us when Wisco was losing, so when they came back I kept standing up, turning around, and yelling the score to them. They got kinda quiet as the game wore on... *for the record, the attendance was very sparse for that championship game. A lot of UND fans had headed home, or were just out trying to forget the weekend, and no one else's fans showed up much to begin with. My yelling at that suite wasn't nearly as obnoxious as it could be construed to have been
  5. Sioux Survivor 2017-2018 Game #16

    Friday: Poganski Saturday: Jones
  6. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    When this first came up about guaranteeing the full 3 years, I remember reading that by doing that, MN is able to front-load the salary cap implications. That would mean the size of the cap hits decreases each year, so when they go to resign Barr, Cousins would actually cost less than he will this year when they don't have as big (important?) of contracts to dole out. I guess we'll see what happens when it's finally done, but that could be a smart move if the Vikings can pull it off.
  7. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    FYP Saw he has a new 2 year deal in NO.
  8. 2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    I was having that problem when trying to buy weekend tickets, now that the single day seats are on sale. They show open, but someone has bought Friday night's seats so it fails when you try to buy the weekend. You can just keep searching until one hits (like I did), or buy tickets for each day separately.
  9. 2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    Does Champions Club get a ticket allotment for this tourney? I don't see an email from them yet.
  10. Downtown Grand Forks

    Not sure about your hang up with bikes? Having an area that is unfriendly to walking and bikes, then saying only a few people are walking or biking there, doesn't do much to project how it would be used once it becomes more accommodating to the activity. If anything, the fact anyone is on a bike in downtown, in it's current condition, would be a good indicator that it would be used a lot more. There's a trail along the greenway, sure, but try riding a block or 2 away from it. Scary.
  11. Downtown Grand Forks

    Shouldn't you be counting bikes? Or at least I should count cars? People go downtown by many methods... How about this: You stand in the parking lot at Ruby Tuesday's on 32nd at 11:00 PM on a Friday and count the number of people who enter their doors before midnight, while I stand in front of (insert any bar in downtown here, I won't even cherry-pick) and count how many people enter that establishment in the same hour. Should be 1/10 as many as you, right? I mean 10 times as many people avoid downtown as go there... Or, maybe, people do go downtown and do things, but you just aren't there to see them?
  12. Downtown Grand Forks

    Complicated last season by the construction on the bridge, I'd imagine? Honestly, I don't take Gateway enough to remember when that wrapped up, or if it's even done now...
  13. GO WILD

    Exciting start to the second period last night - 4 goals in 3:51 of ice time! This team is so much better at home - imagine meeting Vegas in the playoffs? Obviously a 7 game series since each team only wins their home games
  14. Downtown Grand Forks

    ah, the ol' "I don't do it, so no one does" argument. Do we use the standard 3x3 counter? Meaning the numbers would actually be 1x3=3 for and 10/3=3.33 against, a dead heat. But this can't be... see above, 90% of people avoid it completely :/ Guessing the big issue is the instability of river ice, and the issue of monitoring it. Winnipeg must have quite the setup to make sure no one goes through the ice on the river? Flowing water can just make for such different ice conditions in such short order*. *grew up on the lakes in MN and had to deal with changing ice conditions near inlets every winter and spring
  15. 2 tickets Saturday vs SCSU

  16. 2 tickets Saturday vs SCSU

    Friend had to cancel, so I have a pair of seats for Saturday in section 301. $70 for the pair. Great view on the blue line at end Sioux shoot twice. Call/text 701-three six one - twenty-2 eighteen. Currently in Fargo, but heading up to the game tonight, so several options to exchange.
  17. NORTH DAKOTA vs. St Cloud

    agreed. Senior night has to go in the win column.
  18. GO WILD

    Yup, the Wilds shipped off Reilly. I was afraid we'd get round two of ol' flat foot (Vanek) when he was available this trade deadline, but happy to see him shipped somewhere else. Not a goofer, but I'm still not sure why the Wilds sent Stewart packing, though.
  19. GO WILD

    Just because you're not in on the joke... I tend to let it all slide, but like to pick on an "ink cop" when one makes an incorrect correction (MM, in this case). BTW, Ink Cop will now replace Grammar Nazi in my vocabulary, so thanks for that.
  20. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

    Friday: Gersich Saturday: Jones
  21. NORTH DAKOTA @ Miami

    I think you guys have hit the two most likely scenarios. If you did put him on the forth line Friday, you'd get a pretty good idea of what to do with him Saturday.
  22. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    For this season, sure. But this thread is about the kids we've got coming up. It would be nice for this to be the one place to find at least a little optimism!
  23. GO WILD

    Want to try again? The press release uses "Wild" in singular form throughout. With that in mind, read it with an "a" in front: "A Wild leads" would be correct.
  24. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Randklev with another hatty last night in the first round of playoffs. Understand he's still in HS and a 19, but the doom and gloom in this thread have to be glad to see someone in the pipeline putting up goals
  25. NORTH DAKOTA @ Miami

    NCHC? I received notice yesterday that my Frozen Four tickets have been printed!