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  1. former players

    NHL Tuesday 3-6 Zajac-assist (10) -goals (9&10) Parise-goal (6) Toews-assist (27) - goal (18) Wednesday 3-7 none Thursday 3-8 Nelson - assist (13) Oshie - assist (24) Forbert - assist (14) Friday 3-9 Parise - goal (7) Saturday 3-10 Toews - goal (19) Schmaltz - assist (26) Jost - goal (8)
  2. former players

    In NHL Friday 3-2 Nelson-assist (12) goal (13) Parise-assist (7) Boeser-assist (26) Saturday 3-3 Toews-assists (25&26) goal(17) Sunday 3-4 Nick Schmaltz-goals (19&20) Parise-goal (5)

    Someone in our row immediately mentioned "hand pass" on the SC goal that was then reviewed for that. Did anyone else see that or have a replay?
  4. former players

    In NHL Monday 2-26 Oshie-assist (22) Tuesday 2-27 Parise-assist (6) Oshie-assist (23) Zajac-assists (8 & 9) Wednesday 2-28 Boeser- goals (28 & 29) Thursday 3-1 Parise-goal (4) Nick Schmaltz-goal (18)
  5. UND to cut women's hockey

    Just a thought, to all the folks who are upset over dropping womens hockey. If everyone who complained bought a season ticket for womens hockey (putting their money where their mouth is), would that be enough revenue to bring back womens hockey?
  6. former players

    Thursday 2-22 Zajac-assist (7) Jost-assist (9) Friday 2-23 Parise-assist (5) Schmaltz-assist (25) goal (17) Boeser-assist (24) Saturday 2-24 Cagguila-assist (6) Forbert-assist (13) Sunday 2-25 Boeser-assist (25) Stecher- assists (7&8)
  7. North Dakota @ Miami - Saturday Gameday

    Any chance we could hide Central players in UND jerseys for next week? Or the Lamoureux twins?
  8. former players

    Sunday 2/18 Jost-goal (6) Monday 2-19 Oshie-assist (21) Tuesday 2-20 Jost-goal (7) Boeser-assist (23) Wednesday 2-21 Schmaltz- shoot out goal-game winner, 7th round
  9. former players

    Saturday 2/17 Toews-goal(16), asst (23&24) Schmaltz-goal (16) Parise- a shoot out goal in lost effort Stecher-asst (6)
  10. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    Hennessy and gang must not have heard our game stars here, although they did agree with the comment that Cam was the (PS doors) player of the game. They picked Casey Johnson as the roughneck player of the game.
  11. former players

    Wednesday 2-14 Boeser-goal (27) Thursday 2-15 Zajac-assist (6) Toews-assist (22) Friday 2-16 Nelson -assist (11)

    Just watched another replay of the 4th Omaha goal, anyone else think it looked like Thomes skate/foot got pushed back and made him lose his balance?
  13. former players

    2/13 Zajak- 2 assists (4&5), Stafford got the only goal in the shootout to put the Devils over the Flyers Parise -goal (3)
  14. former players

    Drake Caggiula did get his 8th goal of the year tonight, must be easier without as many teeth? Toews got an assist (21)

    How many of us laughed when Siouxfan in Seattle predicted 5-1 but didn't know which team wins! Fan player of the game-JJ 3rd star-Gersich, 2nd star-Thome, 1st star JJ. Radio: PS doors player of the game-JJ, rough neck player of the game-Mismash.
  16. former players

    NHL Feb 8 Toews goal (15) Parise asst (3) Boeser goal (26) Nelson asst (10) Feb 9 Forbert 3 asst (9-10-11) Oshie asst (20) Nelson- finished his hat trick in overtime to win the game (12-13-14)
  17. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    3 stars of the game (at the game) #1&3 to CC players, #2 Wolanin. Fan pick for player of the game (choices: Wolanin, Poolman, Olson) during the game- Wolanin. On radio, Tim & gang pick Poolman for PS Doors player of the game AND rough neck player of the game.
  18. former players

    Paul LaDue got a goal tonight, second of season.
  19. former players

    Feb 6: Jost -goal (4th) assist (8) Toews-assist (20), Schmaltz-assist (24) Parise- assist (2) Zajak-goal (8) Oshie-assist (19)
  20. former players

    Brock Nelson had 2 assists tonight (8th & 9th) in an overtime loss to the Predators.
  21. former players

    Zajak had 2 goals and an assist on Saturday.
  22. NORTH DAKOTA vs. denver - SATURDAY Gameday

    Question- sudden death shootout? Wouldn't that give the first team shooting the advantage?
  23. former players

    Caggiula got the game winning goal tonight, Edmonton beat St Louis 3-2
  24. NORTH DAKOTA vs. SCSU - NCHC best 2 of 3

    This is the one I was thinking of, thanks!!
  25. NORTH DAKOTA vs. SCSU - NCHC best 2 of 3

    I have to admit that all this discussion about touching a ref made me think of Caggiula leveling an official behind the net in the playoffs last year. And we all laughed.