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  1. former players

    Caggiula got the game winning goal tonight, Edmonton beat St Louis 3-2
  2. NORTH DAKOTA vs. SCSU - NCHC best 2 of 3

    This is the one I was thinking of, thanks!!
  3. NORTH DAKOTA vs. SCSU - NCHC best 2 of 3

    I have to admit that all this discussion about touching a ref made me think of Caggiula leveling an official behind the net in the playoffs last year. And we all laughed.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ CC - SATURDAY Gameday ********

    Hennessy's North Dakota PS Doors player of the game tonight is Wilke.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA @ CC - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    On the post game show, the PS Doors player of the game is Gornall.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA @ UNO - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Could this possibly have some connection with the obviously successful wrist surgery on Boeser?
  7. 2016, best UND year ever?

    Seems to me that the summer of the '97 flood, we had a celebration of our National titles. I believe there were 3. Definitely the biggest one was in hockey. I believe the other 2 were womens basketball and something in swimming. Due to the flood, we could not celebrate in the spring.
  8. former players

    I always wondered about the big contracts also. But a part of me says they have to plan ahead, theirs is a limited career at that level. After getting used to a different lifestyle (I assume), they have to plan for the rest of their life. Also, there is the possibility of disabling injuries. Guess I keep remembering Travis Roy and his first shift into the college game against UND.
  9. Thank you to all the troops and veterans out there..

    From part of a poem I had once written (after flag burning headlines) in honor of a high school classmate and a former neighbor, both gave their all in Vietnam. So you want a flag to desecrate, or would you think "who gave, The right for me to burn this flag" and put it o'er his grave. And thank all those he left behind, Mom, Dad, and family, And all who suffered for mankind, and died for such as me. A soldier died for me.
  10. Your Love for Sioux Hockey

    I moved to Grand Forks in the early 70's from Minnesota. Didn't know much about hockey but that they had skates without toepicks, used long sticks to shoot a rubber disc at a cloth chicken net. I got to a few games in the early 80's, took my kids to games in the late 80's. Got hooked on hockey by the '87 team. I remember a game at the old Ralph when Wisconsin was playing and had brought their pep band. Between periods, the UND drummer and UW drummer started drumming off at each other. We ended up with a Battle of the Bands, totally unexpected entertainment. I also remember them passing the hat at the Old Ralph for Travis Roy medical fund, the Boston player who broke his neck on his first college shift as he tried checking a Sioux player and went into the boards. I have a friend that has a lot of hockey memories including the "old barn" and said the drink of choice for a lot of students was "hot Dr Pepper".
  11. Hakstol and his team

    Anyone else thinking that it helps to have Karl Goehring in there coaching the goalies?
  12. Potentially Dangerous Blizzard (Sun night thru Mon night)

    March= in like a lion, out like a lamb. This year, in like a lamb, out like a lion.
  13. NCHC playoffs.....Away we go.

    When you learn spelling and grammar.
  14. SIOUX vs. CC - Friday

    I got worried when Rodwell was holding his side after a collision, then went down the tunnel when he came off the ice. Was good to see him back out there but he seemed just a tad more tentative. When we have to come from behind, reminds me of the full trucks in the field during harvest, you have to back up a few feet to get a good start forward.
  15. former players

    Corban Knight was the 4th player in the shootout for the Flames and made it to win the game! He was listed as the 1st player of the game on the NHL.com boxscore.
  16. Sioux at SCSU-Saturday

    I do have to admit that since the new Ralph, a lot of people go as a social occasion instead of a sport. When the kids sitting beside you spend most of the game on their cell phones, then stop to ask what period we are in........... Makes you almost wish they would outlaw phones in there.
  17. College Hockey Officiating

    Anyone else miss having the name on the back of the uniform on officials?
  18. What's it going to take to hang #8?

    We haven't won a Naty since they started selling beer in the arena. Weird.
  19. New Nickname

    Satan and Demons are not the same, ask anyone who ever raised a two year old. While you can still love the little demons, you cannot love a Satan.
  20. ND High School Hockey Tournament

    A word floating about on another thread is "parity". Seems to me like North Dakota is achieving this, years ago it seemed only the eastern part of the state was involved in hockey. The rest of the state is getting into it and joining the party. We just made it look so good they could not resist!
  21. 2014 Olympic Hockey

    Any chance we can annex Manitoba into the USA and have Toews on our team in 2018

    Seems like it has been a while, anyone know when (and who) was the last UND shutout?
  23. Penrose Cup

    NHL has the Stanley Cup, WCHA has the Broadmoor (not sure of spelling), NCHC has the Penrose, NCAA has the ??? trophy. Any name ever given to the NCAA trophy?
  24. Time to Fire Dave Hakstol....

    From all the comments about Hak with interviews, I get the feeling some would rather have a politician than a coach. Wouldn't that be fun!
  25. Losing it?

    Makes me think of the article lately about a rich teen that got out of a crime because the judge bought the defense of "affluence". Evidently the kid isn't aware of self accountability and didn't know any better. Just expect 'daddy' to get you out.