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  1. I agree 1000% Either keep WH and fund it so it can be successful or cut it and use the resources for other programs.
  2. If God himself chose a nickname for us, there are people who would continue yelling "Let's Go Sioux" and "Sioux Forever". Those people are not worth engaging with anymore.
  3. Me and my girlfriend are going to the Saturday game vs. Vancouver. And yes, I will watch UND's games someplace.
  4. I just hope they don't announce them on April 1st.
  5. Truer words have never been spoken!
  6. I said MIGHT. You (and Schlossman) are also pretending like you know what everyone thinks and means at the same time. People in glass houses.....well, you know the rest.
  7. What, do you think people would refuse to talk to him if he talked about player safety in NCAA hockey? Biting the hand of the media always backfires. Remember....... "Never insult someone who buys ink by the barrel".
  8. I've done it before and it never works out. So from now on, I never do it.
  9. I went with Harvard as NCAA champion. I never pick my own team; it always ends up being a jinx.
  10. They might have been talking about the differences in how the X runs an event vs. the Target Center. The X is heads and shoulders above the Target Center in that regard.
  11. On the nickname/logo controversy, you are correct. On this issue, I don't think so.
  12. I didn't like the implication that the main reason we want to go back to the X is because we think it will be just like the old Final Five. Most people understand that wouldn't be the case. I think people understand the differences between the two better than Schlossman gives them credit for.
  13. Sorry, couldn't resist!
  14. Three points: 1) UND ain't going anywhere. Leaving a conference made up of institutions where hockey is a priority sport for a conference that treats hockey like a red-headed stepchild is just plain dumb. 2) The NCHC is not going to add members. If it does, it risks becoming bloated and watered down. Eight teams is a nice, round number. Let's keep it that way. 3) Arizona St. is better off in the WCHA. In the WCHA, the Sun Devils can build their program and not get the crap beat out of them every weekend. Also, we are not sure the level of commitment that ASU will put towards their hockey program. That is one of the hallmarks of the NCHC.
  15. Schlossman is missing the point. The point is that the Xcel Energy Center puts on a first-rate, first-class production, whether it is a college post-season tournament or a Wild home game. Plus, the X is, first and foremost, a hockey arena also used for other events. Not a basketball arena that sometimes is used for hockey. Of course it won't be the old Final Five; that took years of work to build up into what it became. But it will be much better than the crap hole that is Target Center. I also am open to the idea of moving games on-campus. But if we insist on having a neutral-site tournament, it should be at the X.