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  1. The goal every year from now on should be to get a top 8 seed in the FCS playoffs and have that first round bye and a guaranteed home playoff game.
  2. Now that the Dirty Ducks are out, I don't really care who wins the Cup. I just want to see some good games.
  3. You all realize that responding to Roosevelt83 or DaveK or whoever this is only encourages more posts by this individual? Don't. Feed. The. Trolls.
  4. He is a cheap hack. The NHL would be a much better place without him.
  5. I also remember some playoff games (and not during Thanksgiving weekend either) where the attendance was a little above 5,000. Dale Lennon commented on it publicly at least once.
  6. I am talking about the Division 2 days, the 1990's and early to mid 2000's. FB was a red-headed stepchild on campus. Now it is changing for the better.
  7. In the past, marketing and promotion for FB in general didn't even exist. The first mention of FB in the media was the week before the first home game. The tone of the advertising was: "Oh, by the way, our FB team has its first home game next weekend. Tickets are available if you are interested.". It is nice that they are seriously pushing the FB team. Bubba and his team deserve nothing less.
  8. How about both? That would be The Best of Both Worlds.....not to be confused by the Star Trek TNG two-part episode about the Borg!
  9. They are a throwback to the pre-2004 NHL lock-out era. And that is not a compliment. Ducks SUCK.
  10. Probably not. It seems like the Ducks get very favorable treatment from the officials, based on some of the comments I have seen on here. That being said, I hope he gets at least a fine. He is one of the biggest pricks in the NHL today. The whole sport will be better off once he retires.
  11. The bolded part of your post is what I have been telling people, but some people don't want to listen to it. In NCAA hockey, the head coach is pretty much king of the castle. In the NHL, that is not the case. You have an owner and GM to deal with and their decisions will impact you (either positively or negatively) in terms of success or lack thereof. Hakstol is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. You just don't go from salary cap hell to hoisting the Stanley Cup in two or three years.
  12. Isn't it nice to have problems like these?
  13. I went to the first two or three conference tournaments and did not go this year. And the regional games are usually way more important than the NCHC tournament games.
  14. Some very sad news in the world of sports: Prayers go out to Chris and his family.
  15. Yeah, that would influence the attendance big time.