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  1. Montana State Predictions

    Reverse Karma Psychology. I like it.
  2. Montana State Predictions

    OUCH! You must think last week was a sign of things to come? I sure hope you are wrong.
  3. Montana State Predictions

    UND rebounds at home with a season-saving win. UND 24 MSU 14
  4. Moving On To The Bobcats

    I am in partial agreement with you. But it is important to note that it isn't really the loss to a good team in a tough environment that bothers people; it's the manner in which it occurred. Losing 45-7 is something people thought was in the past.
  5. Gameday vs USD

    Very good analysis and comparison. I think one of the silver linings of having so many injuries is that your younger guys get a lot of valuable game experience, which is something you cannot replicate in practice. That could bode well for us in the next couple of years. Not that I am giving up on this season yet.
  6. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Cripes, at this rate we will have to pull a bunch of redshirts just to have a two-deep lineup at every position! This will test our coaching staff as they try to put a competitive team on the field this Saturday.
  7. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    The good thing is that freshmen forwards are more likely to adjust to this level quickly than freshman defensemen. Our defensive zone coverage should be better and I think our young forwards can make some noise early. So that is why I am more optimistic about 2017-18 than I was 2016-17.
  8. Moving On To The Bobcats

    In other words: RUN THE EFFING TABLE!!!
  9. Gameday vs USD

    Look John Boy Walton, you are wearing out your welcome here. If your entire purpose is to jab people, then please get lost and stay lost. After yesterday, I have ZERO patience for bullcrap today. Z-E-R-O.
  10. Moving On To The Bobcats

    True. But it is common for a team to come out flat after an emotional win.
  11. Moving On To The Bobcats

    And we'll have to see if there is a letdown for them in their next game.
  12. Gameday vs USD

    Well, we don't join the MVFC for another three years, so we have time to right the ship.
  13. Gameday vs USD

    Beat it troll. You are not welcome here. Go back to Bisonville or whatever hole you crawled out of.
  14. Gameday vs USD

    When are we going to have an experienced O-Line? When are recruits going to stop leaving the team and/or never making it to campus at all? Bubba has been snakebitten when it comes to O-Linemen.
  15. Gameday vs USD

    When did I ever defend Mussman's record? I wasn't the first person to call for his firing, but I certainly wasn't happy about what happened to the program under his rule. I even called him out in an epic rant I posted a little over four years ago. That was two weeks before Montana came into Grand Forks and embarrassed us at home. You are really full of crap today.