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  1. First Three Games 2017

    Thats my plan. Hoping I get a decent internet strength at the lake, as I will be there next week. Pumped to watch.
  2. UND Football 360

    I've ready it is likely, but the only ones announced have been Izzy and now Shannon. Wouldn't be surprise to see Blubaugh's shirt pulled, just hadn't see anything yet.
  3. UND Football 360

    Izzy is from Plano, Ill. Are you thinking of Griebel? or assuming Blubaugh will also get his shirt pulled?
  4. 2017 Season

    Not sure if the weights are correct though. The media guide had Wanzek listed at 200lbs. Hope that is true, because he should be much more physical to play against, with a combo of his velcro hands ... could be a big season for this kid.
  5. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere else, but it looks like E. Washington's starting left tackle has left the team. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/aug/16/eastern-washington-starting-offensive-tackle-nick-/
  6. Jerseys

  7. Jerseys

    So instead of a hawk we could have one of these running around taking pictures with 3 year olds ...
  8. 2017 Season

    Anyone else a little peeved that the roster and pictures on the UND sports website for football are not updated yet?
  9. UND Football 360

    Could be that some of the other talent is just passing him up. Not necessarily a knock on Stanley. I think he is still a steady receiver; this is more a product of UND bringing in high end talent and developing depth around Luke.
  10. First Three Games 2017

    Nice! Free beer at sprig's!?!? That pretty generous
  11. UND Football 360

  12. UND Football 360

    Bueller? Bueller?
  13. Jerseys

    The jerseys are fine. They are not great, but they are not bad. When you see the old Sioux jerseys, you do get a different feel from them, but that is gone. The thing I like least about the new jersey is the new font, not the logo on the shoulders. Actually it might just be that "N" Overall, they are fine. Just win baby!
  14. UND Football 360

    Could be, but it did say at 2:00, so maybe something else. Wouldn't expect anything crazy, but they have me curious.
  15. UND Football 360

    Will be replacing the game with Sioux Falls?!?!