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  1. Bungum is still listed at a commit on twitter. Hopefully just an oversight?
  2. I may vomit if Oshie goes to the Blackhawks. Have the Wild freed up enough space yet? On the flip side, it would be fun to wash Oshie and Toews play together again. May has well bring Duncan over from Europe. The gates of hell would open up.
  3. Jordan Schroeder to the Columbus Bluejackets. Wild are dumping Gopher players like they went to NDSU.
  4. Kind of surprise we haven't seen more offers or announcements a day after camp. Anyone know who all attended?
  5. Could be admitted, though he could go CHL or play in the AHL for whomever drafts him tonight. Have to imagine he was getting quite a few phones calls from different schools last night and today. Also have to imagine he is focused on the draft today, and won't make a decision on another school/CHL/AHL until he fully knows what his options are. I'd take him at UND, if only for a year, considering he was never expected to be in the picture anyway.
  6. Saw someone tweet that it would be a PR nightmare to accept a kid that was already rejected from a different school. I guess I don't see it that way, depending on the circumstances. Had the kid been rejected because he had a 1.5 GPA or a felony record or something like that I would understand; but all schools have different academic requirements and rules. I don't think there is any doubt that BC probably has more stringent requirements for attendance than UND. Hope the coaches are at least looking at Tolvanen. Even if he was a 1 and done, I would gladly take that high end talent, that we were not even planning on having this year.
  7. Making room for Tolvanen, now that he didn't get into BC
  8. I demand he change his name from Rain to A.C.
  9. Yeah, I understand where people/alumni/former players are upset about losing WH, but there needs to be some realistic perspective about it as well.
  10. Basketball needed some good news. I'll take it. Depending on what happens with Crandall, this team should still be able to compete. Guessing Crandall will be suspended for the first few games. Seems kind of routine for him. Didn't that happen his freshman season too? Tom Miller @tommillergf UND MBB lands verbal from 6-6 juco (Tyler Junior College in Texas). One juco ranking has as high as No. 44 transfer in 2017 class. … 4:37 PM - 20 Jun 2017
  11. Cool, but that wasn't my question. I was just wondering when NDSU's was, because I assume you will get some overlap between the two in terms of athletes visiting and checking out the schools.
  12. Does anyone know who will actually be attending the camp this week? Also does anyone know when NDSU's camp is? Just curious if you will get some kids that will try to make 1 trip for both camps, if they are close enough together. Read something about Gabe Sulser possibly attending NDSU's camp, and was hoping he would be at UND's. Kid will probably be a long shot to land, and sounds like he will get a fair amount of FBS attention (especially considering his size), but I would love to see him at UND. Sounds like he has a bunch of Griz connections too.
  13. Love summer, but this time of year I am so anxious for football. Reading material, camps, practice, recruiting, anything! Hopefully we get some big recruiting new after the camp (next week?).
  14. Seems almost unreal when you look at this team, how deep we are in some areas; Considering where we were a handful of year ago. Would still love to see more "proven" depth on O-line, which could happen this season. And Safety always makes me nervous. Will Blubaugh be playing safety? I know there was some concern about LB being young, but there seems to be a ton of potential, and our coaches have done a nice job with the LB core over the past several years, so I'm not as concerned about that. Really looking to see Studs come out sharp, he certainly has the tools around him. This year has the makings of something great.
  15. Can't argue with that. Just don't want to see a shirt get pulled, unless they are going to play legit minutes.