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  1. Wasn't he injured?
  2. Was sproles there?
  3. Not really. I want to beat k state, not gene taylor. Don't really care who the AD is.
  4. I have to think the only possibility would be Gersich, and I still think that could be a long shot depending who the Olympic team can/wants to target. Would have been more potential for Poolman or Boeser if they stayed.
  5. .... can anyone tell, I'm already pumped for next season.
  6. Next year is going to be awesome. I see this being a big bodied, deep team, that wears down the opponents. Gersich had a break out season and while he will get more attention next season, I don't see his production falling off. (Shane needs to channel his inner Broten and bring the Hobey back to GF) I expect Cam to be back to Sophmore year form, mainly because he has another year of experience, and I expect our D to tighten up a bit. We had a young group to start the year, and they look far better by the end of the season. Cam is solid goalie, but tends to get beat on cross ice passes; this is where I think the D will step it up next season. It will be interesting to see what happens with Tomek, I think the skill is there. Hopefully he sticks it out to continue to learn and develop. 17-18 Seniors -Pogo: Would like to see him take that next step and have a Brad Malone type senior year. -Olson: Pick up where you left off. Kid came alive in March and played really well. Not going to be a super flash player, but another big body that can wear people down. -Simonson: Hope to see him take another step forward as a senior. 17-18 Juniors Gardner: Big body, going to grind down the opposition. Hope to see him break out on the score sheet even more. Muscle your way into the crease. Gersich: Hobey! Hobey! Hobey! Olympics?!?! Captain America?!?!?! Gornall: Just keep hitting guys through the glass JJ: Though this guys played great as a sophmore, hope to see him progress into his Jr year, just as he did into his So. year. Shaw: I though he was once of our better defenseman this year, and needs to assume a big leadership role with Tucker gone. Be the captain of the defense and take a vocal role. Wilkie: It was nice to see him get that goal, but he better start putting up some numbers, or make sure his suit is dry cleaned ever week. The potential is there, but there is some high end talent coming in that could keep Wilkie in the stands. Wolanin: Which player are we going to get each night? Kid has played brilliant at times; and had you screaming at the TV at other times. Would like to see him hold the zone better, but I really like watching him step up into the play, and flash some offense too. Goal against BU was brilliant. 17-18 Sophmores Jost: .... oh wait Bowen: Primed for a breakout season. Maybe not Gersich type numbers, but I expect to see a spike in production. Hoff: Steady contributor. I hope to see production like what we some from JJ. Poolman: Keep doing what you are doing. Very nice freshman season. Johnson: Big body defenseman. I'd like to see some more physical play, and see him hold the zone a little better. Could have a nice sophomore season, and should get more minutes. Smith: This kid is going to tick people off. I don't want to see too many dumb penalties, but if you needed anyone on this team to rough someone up. Cole is your guy. Really enjoyed watching him play down the stretch. Peski: IMO the most improved defenseman, if not player, on the team over the course of the season. He certainly showed some rookie mistakes early, but looked very comfortable by the end of the season. Yon: Kid has a shot, but needs to hit the net. Hope he gets more opportunities next season, and takes advantage of them. I don't know who all is coming in, but definitely excited for Mismash, Kawaguchi and Adams. I don't see this team struggling to score like we did this year. Which sound weird since we lose Boeser and Jost, but I think this will be a far deeper team. Time to tie Michigan on National Titles, and if this team is going to be deep next year, they "could be" scary deep the following year. 2018 NCHC Regular Season Champions 2018 NCHC Tournament Champions (Has to happen sometime, right?) 2018 NCAA Champions 2018 Hobey Baker Award Winner (Gersich) ....It'll happen
  7. Completely agree. And while I am not the biggest fan of the Alerus, like you said ... it has been functional for 15+ years. It is by no means a bad stadium, but IF the donations were there, I bet they could do something pretty cool on campus.
  8. Definitely not enough land for something like that
  9. Not sure if you were talking to me, or in general ..... I'm not saying it is a priority or it will happen. I was just saying, I don't see a renovated, outdoor stadium ever happening. I'm not a big fan of the Alerus, but for now, it is UNDs best option and certainly works well. I would like to see something new, on campus, down the road a ways. Certainly not in the near future, barring a Ralph type donor.
  10. I don't see UND ever playing in a renovated Memorial stadium. Unless UND has a retractable roof, you will likely never see a open air football game for UND, in Grand Forks again. For people complaining about attendance, tell me how potentially playing the game in low teens in late october or early november will increase attendance? I know some people like that, but the majority won't, and attendance would take a hit. That being said, I think the best thing UND could do (if the fund were there), would be completely knock out Memorial stadium and build a new stadium on that site. Maybe you could even put big windows in, like the Vikings stadium has for the open air feel in early fall. You already have a large parking area for tailgating, and you could bus people over from the Ralph. You would also be close to some of the Greek community, which may draw in more fans, and tailgating events. Doubt it will happen that way, but I think that would be a great spot for it. Assuming there is enough land there, now that the HPC is up.
  11. Was it confirmed which year of homecoming the announcement would be?
  12. Still wish we could have retained Jost. Boeser was going to be gone, as was Poolman; but I wish the Olympic news had come out a few weeks ago ... and maybe you could have persuaded 1 or 2 of those guys to stick around. Wasn't too concerned about Gersich. Pogo coming back is huge for this team. Need some of that senior leadership, in addition to some proven production. Would really like to see Pogo take that next step like Malone did.
  13. A lot of invites to junior day. How many of these kids usually show up? When will a list be made available? Would it be fair to expect quite a few offers to be issued that day, or shortly there after?
  14. Makes sense. Anyone have any idea of who this potential transfer is?
  15. That is understandable, but couldn't that be a little detrimental to player retention and recruiting? Or is it assumed that the situation has been explained to players and recruits.