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  1. Big ten. I believe I read that they refed the championship last year.
  2. Yeah, i guess. Frankly, I'm just looking forward to the game tomorrow, and pulling for a big time Fighting Sioux win! Can't wait!!!
  3. Yep, there are plenty of people from opposing teams on twitter that can talk hockey and rib eachother in good nature. He is not one of them. Though, if he is sincere in his potential donation, then it is hard not to support that. If he is truly full of BS and just being even more of a jerk, then he can deal with that when he meets his maker. No way I'm gonna stoop to this guys level and bicker with him about some of this garbage. In his opinion if you wear, wore, or ever will wear a Sioux logo, you are a racist. Shows how ignorant some folks are.
  4. Hope not, since he actually tagged the group he would donate them to and they already thanked him.
  5. I'm going to throw a shoutout to @BurntBoats, who is a Boston University fan. On Twitter, this person is very intolerable. Already called me a racist several times just because of my twitter handle and logo. BUT offering to buy tickets for less fortunate people, IF UND loses and tickets become available, which is a very admirable move, and for that I will overlook the unkind things that he has had to say to me, and about a large amount of our fan base. I would encourage anyone on twitter to take the high road, and compliment this individual of his intentions, despite any vulgar put downs you may receive. I think most, not all, of us can understand that there are people opposed to old Fighting Sioux nickname. Everyone has their own reasons, whether it has to do with their own heritage and beliefs, or their own socio-political beliefs. I also think, there can be an understanding between those who support the old name, but understand those who don't; and those who did not support the old name, but understand why some did. This is not one of those people. Unfortunately, this is a closed minded individual, who believes if you wear the logo, you are racist in every sense of the word, and uses the word racist in a very liberal manner. It is not worth arguing with this individual, as you will accomplish nothing, but I do encourage fans to take the high road and compliment this person on their intentions. Again, IF UND were to lose and this person donates tickets to less fortunate, that is a very commendable action. Just my opinion.
  6. The one Duluth is defending.
  7. Public service announcement for all dog owners, particularly in the Fargo/Moorhead area. There will be free dog neutering service provided at the Scheels Arena this weekend, so bring your Bulldogs and Terriers! ... and Buckeyes too
  8. .... where are they eating tonight?
  9. THIS!!! Just rack up the shots, and look for the rebounds. We get in trouble when we try to find the perfect shot.
  10. Agreed, he has looked much better. Would still like to see him make some quicker decisions and rip some shots from the top of the circle. Though that goes for most of this team. They seem to hesitate on their shots, and let the defense clog up the lanes. Quick shots will be especially crucial if we make it to Saturday and play the Dawgs again. Duluth is really good at taking away the shooting lanes, and we need to be a little quicker.
  11. oh, I'm sure Blood started it. Hilarious to watch though. You can actually see Ben just laughing at the guy.
  12. 2017 Siouxfan512
  13. Yep, or he was just really mad at that net.
  14. Check you cable package. ESPN U may be included. ESPN 3 games are online only. If you have a Roku, or similar device, you should be able to watch the games through the ESPN app on that device.
  15. Jeez, who are you? Adam Schefter? That is some sneaky reporting there.