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  1. October 2017 Announcement

    Totally agree. I think he's done an excellent job and I'm sorry to see him go. Our athletics dept. has made great strides during his tenure; I would add excellent coaching hires and the HPC to the accomplishments that you listed.
  2. former players

    Thanks! Didn't see his name on their roster, so was wondering.
  3. former players

    What happened to Travis Zajac? No longer with NJ?
  4. Injuries

    Completely agree. Unfortunately, it's always easier to criticize than it is to empathize. Fans are upset and hurting now because the season has done a 180 from what everyone had hoped and expected because of an inordinate number of injuries and the unfortunate retirement of Connor O'brien, but no one is hurting more than the players and coaches. So, more than anything else, they need, and deserve, our support for the remainder of the season, no matter how it goes. Along those lines, I, along with two friends, am making a 1,400 mile roundtrip to see our last two home games.
  5. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    It's now on Pluto. Gotta reboot it.
  6. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Not seeing it yet, either.
  7. Davis Predictions

    UCD 28 UND 20 Much better performance, but just too many injuries to overcome. Hopefully, we get some of the injured back next week.
  8. 2017 Season

  9. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Yes, many things that we could look at, but IMO those were the two biggest potential game-changers: the offensive PI call on the opening drive and the missed sack on their QB on 3rd down that would have given us the ball back after we'd just scored a TD, I believe.
  10. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Totally agree. Obviously, we'll never know what difference it ultimately would have made, but it would have been a momentum-producing punch in MSU's gut for us vs. a deflating having nothing to show for what was an excellent opening drive.
  11. Sioux Gopher tickets

    Thanks. I appreciate the excellent input.
  12. Sioux Gopher tickets

    Thanks, Sprig. Great addition/supplement to Noise's response. Appreciate it.
  13. Sioux Gopher tickets

    Thanks for a more thorough answer than I could have anticipated. Much appreciated.
  14. Sioux Gopher tickets

    Have never bought or sold tickets on this website before. How does the exchange of tickets and money work, so that the buyer is assured of getting his tickets and the seller is assured of getting his money? Thanks.
  15. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Cox listed as a starter as well. But all 3 are also listed as questionable on the injury report.