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  1. Good post.
  2. Guy's a baller!
  3. We were tenacious for 60 minutes tonight, and that's what it's going to take to continue winning. We may not have as much high-end talent as last year, but we definitely have enough to win games like tonight against the top teams if we continue playing with this kind of urgency for a full 60. Defense and checking were outstanding.
  4. Don't know about the others, but Hooker would definitely have my vote. Not taking anything away from any of the others, but, as someone mentioned, Q did it during the D1 era and lead us to the Promised Land (Big Dance). He was our Moses.
  5. Take a well-deserved rest. You did a great job of providing game previews throughout the season. Thanks.
  6. Great game, great career, Q and Corey! You did yourselves, the team and UND proud tonight and throughout your careers!!
  7. Yes, and I think that the whole team has been awesome!
  8. Yeah, that blown call killed our momentum.
  9. How much? Sorry, don't see a PM option in your profile. You can PM me. Thanks.
  10. Did not realize that. Thanks.
  11. The football SID/Athletic Dept. haven't provided any updates since the second practice.
  12. Takes a big man to admit that he's made mistakes, especially in this day and age of unending egos. Just as importantly, he's obviously learned from his mistakes. He and his staff and team have had a great season. I believe that he and his staff deserve an extension of 3yrs.and a raise. Let's get on with recruiting and add to our first NCAA appearance.
  13. Huge congratulations to Coach Jones and the Fighting Hawks on a great win and a great season! Was afraid to take my blood pressure the last few minutes of the game. Q is a winner, as is the entire team. They never give up. They've learned how to win the close wins; makes all the difference in the world.
  14. Nice call.