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  1. If true, it's time for THANKS giving.
  2. Very encouraged that there's mutual interest. I totally agree that landing him would be huge. With our running game and receivers, our offense would be a juggernaut for at least the next three seasons. And, as you say, it would give us some serious depth at that position that we haven't seen in a while.
  3. I totally agree. I don't think that you can have enough depth at the QB position. Where will we be if both Studs and Zimmerman do down? If just Studs goes down? I think Ketteringham's stats were very good, especially considering that he spent half of the time on his back at Sac St. Ideally, he would redshirt next season, then come in after Studs graduates, but would be ready to step in in case of injury. If we're lucky and Studs doesn't get injured this season, then we're ready to go against U of W the following season with a good, experienced QB that has had a year to learn our offensive system.
  4. You're probably right. Wrong timing.
  5. I wonder if the staff is giving any thought to Nate Ketteringham being available. With Studs graduating next year and Ketteringham having three years left in which to complete his two remaining years of eligibility, I would think that he would be a great get. I believe he was a three star recruit and had good numbers for a lowly Sacramento squad.
  6. Please speak German so that I can understand you.
  7. I'm in (assuming that the Sioux are in). A little over half the distance to Fargo for this guy.
  8. Truth.
  9. That would be a blessing.............unless, of course, we win our last game.
  10. Didn't know where to put this, but I wanted to make a motion that the UND/Richmond score be retired.
  11. So did I, so we were teammates.
  12. This needed to be done; I just didn't know if Pres. Kennedy would have the courage to do it. We're way behind in coaches salaries for some of the major sports and maybe now we can start to catch up and keep the coaches that have contributed to 4 conference championships and a natty over the last year.
  13. Boeser just scored his second.
  14. It'd sure be nice if the SID would send a report after every spring practice like they used to. I looked forward to them.
  15. Good post.