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  1. This team gives up the puck more than any team I have ever seen.
  2. What happened this time?
  3. Wife went to arena and got 4.
  4. Not a football person,but our secondary sucks ass so bad.
  5. ND has no clue how to bring the puck out of their zone. D continue to give the puck up. Cam looked like crap.
  6. Two words, Crack Kills.
  7. Got back from the Northeastern game and saw the last ten minutes of this game. We looked horrible.
  8. How has the fall schedule played out?
  9. Vegas is not cheap anymore.
  10. The Rodents have a chance.
  11. Wait for Trump.
  12. I have heard nothing lately on UNLV..
  13. Yes.
  14. Thank you. They have won the JV league in a completely watered down football.