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  1. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Truth. UND didn’t even nominate Duncan for the award in the year he won it.
  2. NORTH DAKOTA vs Beavers - SATURDAY Gameday

    4 weeks? Ouch, that hurts. He was winning a lot of faceoffs too.
  3. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Latest Bracketology: http://www.ncaa.com/news/icehockey-men/article/2018-01-10/mens-hockey-bracketology-sizing-field-second-half-gets Still has SCSU in UND's regional with a potential 1st round matchup against UMN. That East regional is a cakewalk.

    I’m more than happy that the team proved me wrong last night, but I’m still skeptical about this teams ability to score 3+ goals a game consistently. Just when I think they’ve found their game, they lay a stinker like the Friday game. If they go out next weekend and play two solid games against BSU, that’ll be a great start!

    Oh crap, forgot. My apologies Wilbur.

    It's a completely different team. One of the teams could win the title. The other could lose to Sacred Heart.

    This UND has a hard time scoring 2-3 goals a game, let alone blowing someone out. If they win tonight, it’ll be by 1 or 2 goals at most.
  8. NORTH DAKOTA vs. UNO - FRIDAY Gameday

    Looking at the team save percentage stats before the game, it appears that roles were reversed tonight. Horrible effort and goaltending. Tomorrow is a must win. Can’t get swept by last place team at home and expect much from your season.
  9. Refs like Denver

    We're lucky that DU doesn't host any post-season games after the first round. They won't get all the calls once away from Magness arena.
  10. World Juniors 2017-2018

    How many goals against Woll this tourney went high glove side? I'm guessing 3/4 of his goals against went high glove. Why keep playing a goaltender that has such a glaring weakness that opposing players have obviously keyed in on it?
  11. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Saw that too. Homerism officiating going on for DU evidently.
  12. World Juniors 2017-2018

    This. Not even local interest, but also worldwide too. I have no doubt in my mind that if the REA hosted the WJC tourney again that attendance would be closer to last time they hosted it rather than the U18 attendance.
  13. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Princeton leading SCSU 2-1 with 9min left in 3rd. Duluth and Dartmouth tied at 2 after 2. Union leading Omaha 1-0 after 1.
  14. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    DU literally has the talent "on paper" to win any game they play this season, but they seem to lack motivation at times. I could easily see them getting to the tourney and putting in four dominant games to get the repeat. I could also see them putting in a horrible effort in game one and getting bounced in the first round.
  15. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    And then it was funny when they would quote each other and have conversations together.
  16. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Thought the same thing when I saw that result. Especially if Cornell continues with their great season. Thank you RedHawks. Too bad we couldn’t do the same against Union.
  17. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    Yeah, that was a fantastic dive. Not sure that Gardner even touched him.
  18. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    Remembering the WMU/DU series, I don't think WMU cares about going down 2-3 goals. They seem to be good at coming back. Keep the gas on and limit their chances. Don't think 3 goals is going to win this one...
  19. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    UND has added someone before at mid season. Siembida came in during the Xmas break if I recall correctly.
  20. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Ah crap I'm an idiot. I forgot that Rizzo is 2 years out.
  21. former players

    Guy is tearing it up...cool to see!
  22. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    It barely looked like a penalty, to be honest. If it was a penalty, maybe just interference? Taking off my green goggles as best as possible, it looks to me like Smith was just standing there and Plant skated right into him.
  23. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Add in Rizzo and we have quite the 4-some.
  24. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Bentley beat UMass Lowell in OT tonight. Ouch.