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  1. That sure was nice of you Streets to offer this information!!!!
  2. Gameday vs Da Griz

    A spark. I am afraid the fg will be the high point of the game
  3. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Defense is playing with some pride
  4. Gameday vs Da Griz

    How can we behind by only 7
  5. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Need to change qbs
  6. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Nice punt
  7. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Need to go for it on fourth and short if we want to have any chance. How do we score the needed 52 points without taking chances.
  8. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Why do we recruit college qbs that apparently can’t pass or run?
  9. Gameday vs Da Griz

    a backup should not be inept
  10. 2017 Season

    Whew. Sure glad nobody spilled the beans yesterday in the thread that was shut down. No way this was going to get out.
  11. UNC Predictions

    I haven't even looked at UNC's record. Don't know anything about them but I don't see picking UND anymore this year. Our opponents will score at least 30 points a game and probably over 40. We lose by 21. Sorry for the bad attitude. We just look bad and nobody is coming back this week. Sigh!
  12. Friday October 20th Sioux - Gopher Hockey I have two upper deck Friday night tickets for sale. Asking $300.00 for the pair. Please PM me if interested.
  13. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    I am not watching anymore. Why did we need to kickoff?
  14. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    One positive is that we aren’t giving up big leads and letting teams come back on us