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  1. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    Excited but a little anxious for the season to start. Such a disappointment last year. The anticipation for this year is great fun. I guess that is what makes it interesting. How good are we? Will we stay healthy? Will we get a few breaks? Excited but anxious!
  2. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    Got my season tickets today. Pumped! Looking forward to the volleyball games as well
  3. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    Don’t know does gf have to one?
  4. SiouxFan100

    NFL 2018 - 2019

    Tight end Dan Arnold made a couple of catches for New Orleans tonight. Dan is a high school grad out of Fargo Shanley. Connor McGovern, also a Shanley grad, is a projected Starting OL for the Denver Broncos this year. A couple of local players doing good things.
  5. SiouxFan100

    UND Soccer 2018

    I imagine there is no rent being changed nice to have the option though sounds like we scored just 8 seconds into the game??
  6. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    This makes sense. As always - Thanks gundy
  7. SiouxFan100

    2019 UND Recruiting

    How we always let our threads dwarf into a pissing contest with su. Shake my head
  8. SiouxFan100

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Both su and UND are great institutions. North Dakotans should be proud of both - from a life long ND resident and UND graduate
  9. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    What’s the ideal weight for a nosegaurd? I thought it should be closer to 310-315?? our backup is 250??
  10. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    Fighting Hawk hugs to everyone!!
  11. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    Sounds good. Do players get faster and bigger or just bigger. Hopefully both of these guys get a little faster as they mature.
  12. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    I wanted to say thanks to all that post here. I look forward to your comments and insights more than once a day. I am ready for UND football to start.
  13. SiouxFan100

    2018-19 Season

    I just took a look at the 18-19 roster. Fifteen players listed: 6 Seniors (Morton, Dailey sisters, Dooley, Strand and Klabo), 1 Jr (5-7 Jarnot ), 3 So (Reinke, 6-5 Leet, 6-2 Leet), and 5 Freshmen. My first thought is that we didn't seem to make many improvements. Jarnot is new and we lost Franklin, Moton, Burroughs, Sawatzke and Freije. Besides Klabo, the other seniors are OK but inconsistent. Only one Dailey played. Reinke plays hard but doesn't seem like a big scorer. The other two sophomore bigs played Ok at times. I don't know much about what to expect out of Jarnot. Hopefully, there are a couple freshmen who will contribute. I suspect that last year the team had internal issues - maybe this team can avoid some of that. Overall, I am disappointed to say that I expect the upper limit to be maybe a 500 season.
  14. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    geaux_sioux is concerned about the RT spot means that I am concerned about the RT spot. How can we still be in this position of not having pieces in place?
  15. SiouxFan100

    2018 Season

    What are the expectations for Harris? Is he expected to be 100% of pre-injury?