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  1. How did you answer the question??? LOL
  2. Tickets purchased through UND will be available Thursday at 5 PM. Fan Fest tix ordered through UND will be available at that time as well. The $20 admission covers access to the site, entertainment including a DJ and feeds of any other Regional being played at that time, food/drinks for purchase. 90 minutes prior to puck drop is the scheduled door time for this event. Fan Fest tickets will be available for purchase at 11:00 AM Friday and through the games. Thank you, Nicole Fred Vice President – Ticket Operations Scheels Arena (w) 701.356.4390 (c) 701.238.5523
  3. For those of you that have will call tickets bought through UND. I heard there will be a table at 5:00 on Thursday afternoon for those that want to pick up their tickets at the arena. That is all that I know about it.
  4. Too bad it is ending this way. I had fun watching them play this year. I look forward to watching them next year. Go get em Hawks.
  5. We have more turnovers than points.wth
  6. Pathetic effort so far
  7. OK here we go. Lots of UND stuff tonight and this weekend. Fun time to be a Hawk fan!! Let's play to our ability and represent the area. I must admit that not much work was done today as I tried to keep up with not only UND but ND Class B bb and other NCAA bb games,
  8. I pick Cortez Seales to steal the show tonight. To win we need someone to go way over and beyond. Cortez will have a monster night. He can't be stopped when he decides to go to the basket. We need about 25 from him.
  9. I have gone to this the last three years - didn't go this year like many of you have shared. Not knowing for sure if we were going to make it and other commitments messed me up from going. I am interested in how many here said they weren't going but changed their mind and decided to go.
  10. I agree that it is unfortunate that we won't have the band and cheerleaders. Sometimes things just don't turn out. Any chance if you are willing to wear a skirt and wave pompoms Art?
  11. I admit that there are times I am a half empty type of guy. Sorry but I am afraid we get behind by 25 and lose by 15. One thing to drive the basket (like we do so well) against one 6"10" player - complete another thing to drive to meet a couple seven footers. Hopefully the refs are calling fouls. We should be able to beat them down the court though. It would be fun to come out blazing and make 8 threes in the first half. Go Hawks!
  12. In Fargo it is channel 622 and 624 I believe
  13. Looks like the game is at 7:00PM Thursday and on MIDCO per the UND athletic site.
  14. Denver it is
  15. This is a real life story. Win key games you are a hero and get rewarded. Lose key games you are garbage and get thrown out. But, it's all what have you done lately. Fans are finicky.