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  1. A while back I was asking about if UND was now in position that everyone we offered a scholarship to had the potential to succeed. It appeared to me that there were some that were offered that had a small chance to make the field. QBs come to mind. Now, it seems, we are getting more and more players that have a good chance of succeeding. Life is good and getting better for UND football fans.
  2. I am wondering, with all the hype for 2017, what you would consider a successful season. First off, win the conference. Second, secure a bye in the playoffs and with it a 2nd round home playoff game. I would like a third round home game in the playoffs. I would consider it to be very successful season at this point.
  3. It appears to me that we will be better with more depth in all positions in 2017 compared to 2016. Pretty impressive. Any thoughts?
  4. If I was smart enough to know all the different groups that comprise a football team I would list them. It seems like we have a good chance to be better and have more depth at these positions: Quarterback, running back, tight end, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, safeties, special teams - what did I miss? In other words, it appears we will be better in all the positions in 2017 compared to 2016.
  5. NDSU and evil do kinda go together in my mind.
  6. I know it is hard but another big accomplishment this year is the rebalancing of how many sports UND supports. This allows UND to be more competitive with the sports that are most followed. Today announced the end of men and women swimming and diving and with women's hockey - for us to look back at how great this year has been.
  7. Moving on to football. Lots of great UND sports to always be looking forward to!!!
  8. I declare the west regional is the biggest, most prestigious & most fun sporting event in Fargo in 2017.
  9. Section 115 is one that I know of
  10. How did you answer the question??? LOL
  11. Tickets purchased through UND will be available Thursday at 5 PM. Fan Fest tix ordered through UND will be available at that time as well. The $20 admission covers access to the site, entertainment including a DJ and feeds of any other Regional being played at that time, food/drinks for purchase. 90 minutes prior to puck drop is the scheduled door time for this event. Fan Fest tickets will be available for purchase at 11:00 AM Friday and through the games. Thank you, Nicole Fred Vice President – Ticket Operations Scheels Arena (w) 701.356.4390 (c) 701.238.5523
  12. For those of you that have will call tickets bought through UND. I heard there will be a table at 5:00 on Thursday afternoon for those that want to pick up their tickets at the arena. That is all that I know about it.
  13. Too bad it is ending this way. I had fun watching them play this year. I look forward to watching them next year. Go get em Hawks.
  14. We have more turnovers than points.wth
  15. Pathetic effort so far