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  1. GDT: North Dakota v. Richmond

    My take on the game is pretty simple... We pretty much owned the line on offense and could have dictated the entire game with just straightforward running by Olivera or Norberg. We go up by 17 points at the start of the third quarter and the OC decides to add more passing to the play calling and we basically shoot ourselves in the foot by not taking advantage of our line advantage on the run and the rest starts to melt down from there. I put a lot on the coaches shoulders as they know none of the players have playoff experience at this level and they needed to be those communicators and leaders on the sideline for the team...Making sure the players are ready and making sure they know what the team needs in a specific situation. Interestingly, Richmond in my mind was not the better team all around and you saw it on the run plays for the Sioux. Rather, the better team didn't execute the plan that has won them game after game this year and that's Run the Goddamn Ball to set up the passing plays!!! It was so extremely frustrating watching us try to use trick plays when the Moose could have been running for 3-5 yds at each attempt. I'm still trying to come to grips with the OC play calling when you have ~9 mins left in the third and you are actually trying to make long passes beyond 15 yds...every time its incomplete, the clock stops and you breath life into Richmond. It's all spilled milk know, but hopefully we learn a ton from this disappointing game...
  2. GDT: North Dakota v. Richmond

    I really have a hard time with the punt rush call as well...Game in hand and we have them pinned at their 15 yd line and we are going to get good field position again because their punter was really piss poor. I throw the blame on Special Teams coach for not prepping the kids for the right mentality at this point in the game. Why risk a penalty when you have good field position????
  3. Here comes the Merchandise

    I'm sure you can get these pretty cheap down at the Post Office...
  4. Defense Wins Championships!

    I know they are running a few different defensive front lines, but I really like the Tank line and their pass rush line is crazy fast! We will need the defense to show up again with an injured starting QB and hopefully Baertels will have a simple offensive play list to do a decent mix of short and long runs!
  5. Defense Wins Championships!

    What I liked about the Weber game is that the minute Weber abandoned the running game it was all over but the crying! Tank and the line started attacking non-stop and it was awesome to see them demolish the QB for 7 sacks...I was telling my son this at the first qtr when they were passing willy-nilly on us and saying they will live or die by the pass as the running game was effectively stopped...
  6. Defense Wins Championships!

    Hopefully this old adage holds true as we are seeing a pretty good defensive unit for the Sioux this year...what specifically do you like about our defense this year?
  7. 2016 Attendance

    I'm not an offensive genius nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but the play calling sometimes is just downright atrocious! We run the ball all over these guys and then we revert to long passes instead of short passes to help build QB confidence? We do a play action and the pass is high and we don't go back to it for at least another quarter. How many times can the defense get us out of trouble and have our offense go 3 and out? Lastly, for the love of God have someone start to coach these guys to stay the "F" in bounds when you are trying to run the clock out!!! I know he is running a complex offense to disrupt their defense, but some of these are just ridiculous...We running a naked bootleg at the goal line when we have Kyle Norberg, the Manitoba Moose, and Santiago in the backfield makes no goddamn sense! We line up with a single back formation and we have two big freaking dudes who could run I formation all day long on Weber, but instead we go to the air and luck was on our side for sure. Same could be said for the QB sneak in the first quarter that we got screwed on for a spot, but in all reality we should have lined up in I formation and drove the ball down their throat... Again, I know its a lot easier said then done, but please tell me where I'm severely wrong?
  8. 2016 Attendance

    I was actually surprised with the attendance at this game...The tailgating scene was not half bad and was a significant improvement over the last two years when I could count on both hands the number of rigs out there. I did mention to my kids that its disappointing that the student section was not filled up, but again its going to take time to build our football brand back up...The wins will put the bandwagon jumpers back in the seats, but it has to be a sustained period of wins and one season of success will not do it... Lastly, the University needs to amp the marketing up for the team and having Bubba send out Facebook posts should be a tangent aspect and not the primary aspect of marketing for this team in my opinion. I don't see the excitement around town for the Football team that I see for the Hockey team as well...They should have been handing out free tickets to everyone and their brother on campus, but again another opportunity missed by Faison and the crew.
  9. North Dakota v. Weber St.

    The UND athletic department will not survive 20 teams going forward unless you have a robust football program. To put it simply, the Hockey Arena and its atmosphere and the winning tradition of the team have created a juggernaut, but it can't cover for 19 other sports especially if the main cost driver being a 60+ scholly football team is not pulling its marketing and branding weight in the public perception. UND needs to get on this bandwagon for the Football team and start driving marketing campaigns beyond having the Head Coach taunting Corn Farmers to come into the game via FB! It has to be total commitment from the Administration and Staff to sell it to the Students and the public. Additionally, Football has the great advantage of legal tailgating on the property and this again is a positive that is not yielding what it should given the lackluster attempts by UND to market and promote it - maybe have the REA give pointers on how to do this activity???? Again, we can't have a vibrant 20 team program without a successful and profitable Football team...if we don't make this happen, then you will have a Division I power house hockey team with a really marginal Football team and a cast of Olympic sports to pick from in a diminished state...
  10. North Dakota v. Weber St.

    Oh, my predition is...The Green Machine 31 Weber 10...Total domination in yards and TOP. Go Sioux!
  11. North Dakota v. Weber St.

    My thought is that we need to have a winning season in Football to make the crowds sustainable...Putting together a sweet run like they have helps, but it needs to be the norm to get guys to drop out of the Deer stands and come in with their kids during youth deer season. Sad, but likely true. I do agree that the University could be doing a better job of amping up the game by giving free tickets to the students and getting them out to the tailgating spots...Like last year, if its cold and its deer season, the tailgating will be a ghost town again. Maybe Kennedy can put a committee together to study it and give recommendations to him and Faison?!?
  12. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Exactly my point...in the grand scheme of costs for a undergraduate student this is a pittance of what they spend on junk food, beer, etc...
  13. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    I think it will have that effect and that's why they should focus on having the students take the brunt of the increase...Say a $150 fee increase for all students yields about $1.6 million revenue stream only for athletics...
  14. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    I'm thinking the majority of the ticket price increases will be felt in the Men's Hockey program...They could raise it significantly with little loss on numbers but a whole lot of bitching. You could not do the same for the football program because its just digging its Brand out of the Mud and if they did do it you would effectively damaging what Bubba is trying to do with the largest scholly sport we have.... I've suggested this before, but utilize Fee increases instead of messing with tuition...The legislature loves to use price fixing economics on the tuition stream and UND probably on has the fee increase option left if it can get the Student Body to agree. Note, $ for $ the ND Colleges are an extremely inexpensive degree when compared to other counterparts and asking for $300-$500 more a year to help out sports isn't going to lead to a massive exodus of students from the campus or from the on-line course employers primarily pay for...
  15. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    This whole thing goes away easily if the Football team continues to win and goes deep into the playoffs...They haven't been picking up their slice of the pie for a long while with Mussman and his crew destroying the legacy of UND football. Once this happens, then there will be more revenues from the 60 scholly team sport we call Football and the rest of the financial loss leaders can rest easy. Just win baby, just win!!!