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  1. Brad wrote a whole article in the Heraldo today on why UND can win...guess he doesn't believe what he wrote.
  2. Also on Mafia's ipod.
  3. Careful Sprig, you might upset all the experts here.
  4. Does that include the 12 people posting on this thread?
  5. According to the experts at KFAN, Erik Haula was less than pleased as he got moved from 3rd to 4th line.
  6. Yeah, a couple years ago Pontiac was the main sponsor of the NCAA men's hoops tourney...Now, who in the hell was Pontiac? Hmmm.
  7. In their defense, the UMD crowd was really into Hillbilly Hand Fishing at the time.
  8. They gonna flop their way to the title? Ugh.
  9. Ok, so we get by BU on Friday and end up playing the UMD diving team on Saturday...Sioux are up 4-1 with one minute to go and we are coming down on a 2-1 with Cole Smith and Trevor Olson...Do we A) Try to score, B) Play the puck into the corner and hold it against the boards to burn up the clock, or C) Have both players launch themselves like a missile into the Duluth goalie at the same time in order to take him out of the game. I vote for option C, what do you guys think?
  10. Ed? Ed shot his dog!!
  11. C'mon Darrell, we've already got one...
  12. Thank you for the info.
  13. The whole arena is going to be a UND section so I wouldn't worry too much about who is sitting around you.
  14. Someone is starved for attention.