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  1. 5150? (Are we going with Van Halen references here?)
  2. You need to total the posts of the previous 11 topics in the Women's Hockey thread to exceed the 1500+ posts in the "Cutting Women's Hockey" thread. That should give you a little idea of this sports popularity or lack thereof on the UND campus. Not trying to spew hate, just pointing out the math.
  3. Don't feel bad....Brad Eliot referred to it as the ORC in his Heraldo article the other day.
  4. Isn't it the Office of Civil Rights? So, it should be OCR? Just sayin'...
  5. Ouch! Lots of hurt feelings going on there....
  6. People will stop ripping them when they stop ripping UND.
  7. Better yet; have the Bison football team fill out the surveys. I heard they are excellent at paperwork.
  8. I heard the team was on the ice when this all came down. Oh, the humanity!
  9. If you want to get Mafia going just misuse there/their/they're.
  10. Mafia, don't go turning this thread into a grammar rodeo now...
  11. Would you, could you,SCORE On a boat?I could not, would not, SCORE on a boat.I will not, will not, SCORE, I'm the goat.Not in the X.Not after checks.Not off the rush! Not on the PPl!Not in the slush! You let me be!I can not SCORE WITH BLUES in the box.I can not SCORE with them in our jocks.I will not SCORE with them in our house.I'm singing the BLUES, no time to grouse .I do not like BLUES here or there.The WILD can not SCORE anywhere!
  12. Jaden Schwartz, formerly of CC, with the game-winner. Nice shot by him to beat Dubs.
  13. Whats your definition of recently? Last B1G title was in 1967; last Nat'l title in 1960. Thats only 50 and 57 years respectively.
  14. Well, that would only be after extensive research determining it's veracity.
  15. Yeah, I'm trying to figure out who #60 is supposed to be.