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  1. Poor dub, look who's under investigation for IX problems. Looks like that extra money saved by cutting Women's opportunities in sports will be going to lawyers.
  2. How'd the loss to Richmond do for you? 3rd or 4th string qb and over 20 players out for the year do to injuries. You must be really disappointed in the bsc.
  3. The only thing everyone needs to know is UND lost 1.4M for 2016 and NDSU had a gain of 1.8M. The numbers come from each schools reporting to the NCAA.
  4. Total BS post, but expect nothing more from you. Lets see does UND have any of these: Major BB wins? NDSU has Wisc., Marquette and a win over OS in the big dance P5 Football Wins? WY. NDSU - to many to mention NC for Football? NDSU 5 straight Sold out Dome for 7 straight years Softball? NDSU many times to the NCAA's and got to the Sweet 16 one year T&F - ? NDSU conference champs since going DI Budget ? NDSU has almost the same but without Hockey to support. Coaches salaries? Budget deficits? - Well hell I could go on and on.
  5. Well one thing you are wrong on is Science and NDSU. They have a great relationship as both presidents are best of friends. You do know that Science is a trade school right?
  6. I think the bigger question is why is the AD budget at NDSU about the same as UND's when UND has 2 very expensive sports in hockey? NDSU has always been about 3-4 million less in prior years.
  7. Love how this thread is going. "we won the conference so we've arrived" seems to be the main thought of UND posters. Fact is EWU was the class of the conference and that was it. Weakest the BSC has ever been. Don't believe it, when's the last time MSU and UM were as bad as they were last year? Playoff's showed the strength also. Your D is setup as a high risk high reward stop the run. Your backfield is put on a island and when you play against a good qb they are exposed. When you guys finally beat a really good team then you can say we're there. Your first 3 games will be interesting.
  8. Just prepare for another beat down.
  9. Not at all but I'd rather have a balanced budget than running a deficit when cuts are to be made.
  10. I love how you ignore the financial mess UND is still in. Will be interesting to see what the athletic dept and school has for deficits at the end of the school year.
  11. Dexter Perkins: UND must put students' education was interesting. Specially the one in the paper which had the full story.
  12. Poor 83 - so confused - you can bank on my posts being more true than the wishful (delusional) posting of some here.
  13. Probably your standing after the NC
  14. You mean the law school that graduates have one of the worst rates of passing the bar? Med school, what 80 some doctors a year graduate for how many millions of taxpayer funded dollars.
  15. Love you too!