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  1. Dacotah Legacy Collection

    Absolutely spot on.
  2. Dacotah Legacy Collection

    Teeder, or someone else with UND, get Peter Johnson on here to set it all straight, better yet, ask him to write something to the Herald to explain this crap.
  3. Changing Display Name

    Thanks for helping out Jim.
  4. UND (6-4) vs Weber (8-1)

    I love football and basketball embracing the new name. They are moving forward. The hockey only crowd? Embarrasing stuff.
  5. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    Words to describe Mariucci: empty, sterile.
  6. UND (6-4) vs Weber (8-1)

    Hell of a game by UND. Led the whole way. Fans were amazing, and played a big role! And the jammmmmmmmmm to seal it!!!
  7. UND (6-4) vs Weber (8-1)

    Let's go Hawks cheer at the betty! Great atmosphere.
  8. UND (6-4) vs Weber (8-1)

    Crowd, namely students, are amazing today! Is it a lot of football players? They are making a difference for sure.
  9. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    The mighty Nittany Lions are in town and Mariucci is quiet and has a ton of empty seats. Yuck.
  10. Changing Display Name

    Hey Mods,since Sioux is no longer our name, it's time to move on. How can we change our display name? I could just sign up with a new name, but would be cool to transfer everything from my current name to the new one. Thanks
  11. Unofficially the Angry Birds

    YES! The body is dead and buried. Time to move on and live life.
  12. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    No surprise that Mankato beat the gophers today. It was so fun watching UMN-Twin cities campus fans get so excited about a few wins in the little six. Cute.
  13. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    Oh man can you imagine how Brock feels switching to UND? Incredible.
  14. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    I don't see gophers beating the Mavericks. Anyone have that stat about the gophers vs the other 4 state of MN teams? It is delightful.
  15. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    Gopher program talks the talk. Beavers walk the walk.