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  1. You are half right; need to have a new logo. Trash the current one.
  2. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Yes, go Oshie (and Gersich)! Beat those former rodents Schmidt and Haula!
  3. He wants a better logo too.
  4. Buy Owbow6 a beer!! A brilliant post!
  5. Maybe have to wait a few years for someone in leadership at UND to figure it out.
  6. Me again, broken record, military theme to tie in with the region, GFAFB. Scrap the bird theme.
  7. FFS and I said dump the logo. Not start over.
  8. Me again, the broken record, please someone in authority, get us a better logo to salvage this whole mess. A better logo can bring back some unity in our fan base IMHO. (And sell much more merchandise as well)
  9. I can agree with your point #1. However, I would compromise on your point #2 with KEM if I were Kennedy and leave the FHs on the sidelines.
  10. What do you think of the logo now??

    I think Nodaks would have done better in the voting if the Nodak Nation name were used with the Nodak Nation flag as the logo. If I had $100 million to donate to UND, maybe I could persuade enough people to get this done and overturn the FH thing. I should start buying lottery tickets, take my chances and see what happens.
  11. I initially thought 10 years, but maybe 5 years is realistic on changing the logo to something that will sell more merchandise. This logo will not bring in enough $$$$ for UND.
  12. + 1,000 to your post!!! The words "North Dakota" on the court is awful. REALLY?? -1,000 to your post.
  13. No to your question. I am very grateful for the REA, especially every time I'm in the place. Having North Dakota at center court (as KEM wants), yes, is different than other schools. Isn't that a good outcome? At least that has an inkling of uniqueness.
  14. I don't have a problem with C. Engelstad's plan for the floor at the betty. Get used to it. That's what the ice at the Ralph will look like as well. No FH logo at the center. The FH logo will be secondary to North Dakota.
  15. I'm not talking about changes to the building, just what REA preferred going forward with the name after FS..