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Wisonconsin said they will schedule us


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Wisconsin's new policy states that the school can "schedule competitions with schools that are not on the NCAA's list of college and universities subject to the restrictions on the use of Native American mascots, names and imagery."


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Wisconsin's policy also says the school "will discourage all teams from bringing Native American mascots to UW-Madison athletic facilities. Furthermore, UW-Madison will request that any band not play war chants, that the cheerleaders-pompom squads not use Native American gestures, chants or other items that perpetuate disrespectful stereotypes."

Never was a problem, never will be a problem. Too bad some people don't see it that way. Will be interesting if this Wisconsin's policy will set a precedent. More reason to dislike the U of M (and they have the nerve to solicit me for season football/basketball tickets). :D

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Dan Hammer said on his radio show today that Iowa has also reconsidered their policy and is now open to scheduling UND.

That would be cool if they did. One would think that Minny might have to take another look if their brothers in crime open up to UND. I would love to see them announce they reconsidered 2 weeks after announcing they wouldn't. Not that I care about playing them, but the whole thing is a joke.

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