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  1. And you would be wrong again.
  2. Please don't bring facts and statistics into the conversation. We all know that scsu coaches developed these players into elite scoring machines and Berry missed the boat by not recruiting them.
  3. I suppose One could make that argument but One would be wrong.
  4. There's a difference between being a Vietnam era vet and being a Vietnam vet. Vietnam era vet just means you were in the service during that time period.
  5. Great win and great coaching job by Berry.
  6. Another great comment and prediction.
  7. Any other predictions?
  8. This is exactly right. It's comical reading some of these posts. Even though we have more of the local kids in the pipeline right now, if Bubs had missed signing just one of them there would have been an uproar here. Great post, jk.
  9. Apparently, there's a zero percent chance of that happening Wilbur.
  10. That's a good point. When something new is posted on this thread I open it up to read ideas/thoughts on why/how UND and the Big Sky could go FBS. I really have no interest, or time, to read all the back and forth bickering. Will it ever happen? I have no idea. Is it being thought about and has it been discussed by the Big Sky presidents & the commissioner? I would hope so, otherwise they're not doing their jobs. I'm sure a lot of people pointed fingers, laughed at and thought Wilbur and Orville were a little loony when they told people they were going to build a flying machine powered with a rubber band. Others laughed at Henry when he was trying to replace the horse and buggy with a motor driven buggy. It's a good thing there are some that dare to go out on the ledge and try something because there are a lot more that would rather sit in a safe chair and laugh at these crazy-*** ideas. Maybe someone should start a thread titled UND and the Big Sky can't go FBS.
  11. After we get Augie locked down I've heard from a very reliable source that the Summit will put a full court press on Morningside College. This will be so much better than playing Montana, Montana State. Idaho, UC Davis, Cal Poly, Eastern Washington.
  12. Yes, hopefully the REA management will continue to operate the building past 2030. It's amazing to me that each year you go and attend your first hockey game it's like the arena is still new. If Ralph would have turned the arena over to the university after the building was completed I'm not very confident that it would look like it does. I doubt there would be any funds put away to keep it fresh and new. With a government entity handling the proceeds over the last 17 years that pool of money would have suffered that same fate as the Social Security Trust Fund. They'd most likely would have used all the funds to pay the salaries of professors who want the arena tore down.
  13. Yes, that's right. Even back in the 90's, when their fans would use the excuse about older players, it was very close. Some years we'd be older by just a little and other years they'd be older by just a little.
  14. They can??? What have they done over the last 5 - 10 years with their hockey hotbed recruits?
  15. Parise committed on opening night of The Ralph. While DeFauw & Armbrust were good players for the Sioux, it's quite a stretch to say we won a recruiting battle to get them. Bryan Lundbolm's dad played for the Sioux and the Gophers would have really liked to get him but there was no question of where he was going. If you want to count "almost wins", we almost won a recruiting battle for Keith Ballard. He even told Blaiser he was coming to UND and then at the last minute went with the Gophers. Yes, they took quite a few butt-kickings from us in the old Ralph but I can't think of one recruiting battle that we won until Ralph gave UND the new arena. About the only one I can think of is Karl Goehring. But it was the Wooger who pretty much handed Karl to us with the way he recruited him.
  16. What recruiting battles "wins" are you talking about? I'm having a hard time coming up with any.
  17. Kennedy better know what's going to happen. Otherwise, leaving a great conference like the Big Sky with like-minded schools Montana, Montana State, Idaho, EWU, NAU, Cal Poly & UC-Davis makes no sense.
  18. It's a good thing we didn't become the University of North Dakota Fighting Millionaires. Apparently Millionaire is now a divisive word. "But a new generation of students say it’s time for a new nickname – because they feel the word “millionaire” has become offensive and divisive." http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/07/06/students-say-millionaire-mascot-is-divisive.html
  19. I really hope they do. I want to stay in the Big Sky with Montana, Montana State, Idaho, EWU, NAU & NCU. The Summit has no appeal. I still think more alumni see UND play in Colorado, Montana and Arizona than in all the Summit locations.
  20. Check with your wife. Maybe she can do the math for you. :-)
  21. We have the same opinion, ira. Some posters were saying that kids need to leave high school early so they can play against better competition and thus aid in their development. I was sarcastically trying to make the point that TJ Oshie left Warroad after his junior year (which I knew he didn't) and it really aided his development (which it didn't because he didn't leave early). I believe that kids like TJ, Hain, Boeser and many other elite players aren't going to suffer at all in their development if they stay in high school. I also believe that others who aren't as gifted as TJ could just as well stay in high school and then play juniors. They might as well play one or two years of junior hockey after they've finished their high school years rather than leave early and play two or three years in the USHL.
  22. Yup, when TJ Oshie left high school hockey after his junior year is when he really developed. It was even more critical for him to take his talents to a higher league because he was only in Class A. It might have set him back 2 or 3 years if he had returned to Warroad for his senior year.
  23. OK, I know you. What is that going to get me?
  24. Yup, I remember the days well when UND fans filled up the stands in Vermillion and Brookings.
  25. This is like trading in your Cadillac Escalade for a Ford Bronco. Sad day for UND athletics. :-(
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