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SIOUX vs BISON Game Thread


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und-med.gifVS bison.gif

SIOUX - 1st Pre Season Game of the season

BISON - 4-3 record. Winning their last 2 games.

man this is a great day to have fighting sioux hockey back in action. lets throttle these guys!


Lets get 7 of these thebigdugoallightsthatwealllov.gif

and stay out of the penaltybox1.gif

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Bison's roster isn't as fan friendly as last year's. Last year I was able to see if there were any who were drafted, had pro experience, NCAA experience (one former NMU defenseman was there).

This team is very Woog-like in that all but two players are from Manitoba.

Krister Toews will more than likely start again for the Bison (isn't that guy..you know... out of eligibility? He's been around longer than anyone!)

Here's the roster anyways: http://www.umanitoba.ca/faculties/physed/a...ns/roster.shtml

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Here are the Bison's players of note:

Dalyn Flatt -- 6'3" 215# Defenseman -- 3rd Round Pick of Rangers (must be a bust)

Myles Rumsey -- 6'2" 203# Defenseman -- 7th Rd. Pick (Calgary)

Mark Olafson -- 6' 220# Forward -- 9th Rd. Pick (Washington)

On paper, this team doesn't look too talented even by CIS standards.

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