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"Would you be willing to pay a fee to hear webcasts of all Sioux games for a fee?"

HEY A-HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ALREADY FREE. REA would try to charge for something that we all get for free!!!!

I assumed by webcast they mean video. The bandwidth to serve a decent video signal would be a lot more expensive, which would also explain the desire to charge a fee (though it looks like there would also be a hefty profit built in).

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I think they need to offer two different packages for a video web cast. Some people only need the away games and shouldn't have to pay for all of them. Why didn't they ask questions about where the students should sit, or if they should go back to the old arena where there was more atmosphere? :lol:

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Should we go back to the old arena that UND has left unheated and let sit & rot for 2 years? Should students allowed to stand up and annoy other people? Should students allowed to drink alcohol in their section? Best one though; Should the REA quit playing music during warmups so that the opposing players can be taunted? That last one is about the only one wher you have a prayer of getting a yes vote. :lol:

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I think everyone should be prepared for the survey.

1. What time do you and your money want to show up to the games?

2. Would you be willing to pay for a service so we can make more money?

3. Would you be willing to accept something less convenient so we could save money?

4. Would you like to watch other sports here so we could make more money?

5. Would you buy this product so we could make more money?

6. Would you like other sports televised so we could sell more advertising and make more money?


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Before we all get too down on REA, remember, REA has to show a profit by State law before it can be transferred to UND or a UND foundation.

Next, remember, profits from REA (anything at REA) are funnelled back into UND Athletics. (Does $500k to fund womens hockey this season ring a bell?)

Yeah, they're after a buck, but there are far worse causes in my opinion. :lol:

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