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UND (6-12, 0-5) @ DU (10-9, 1-5) 1/14 2 PM


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Just now, SiouxFan100 said:

What do you do when your players don’t perform 

You can blame the players all you want but nobody can get in a rhythm or play comfortable when he plays this many people. Pick 8 and stick to it. We are 19 games into the season. 

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2 minutes ago, SiouxFan100 said:

There is a lot of blame to go around. Coaches and players. Everyone would prefer a shorter rotation - hard to pick eight players who deserve to be in that rotation - or just pick eight and be damned - idk

We are damned right now though! It literally can’t get any worse than it is so far this season

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1 minute ago, FightingSiouxHawks said:

Good to see a change of pace! We can’t guard other teams man to man all the time. We have a few players who can’t play man Def.  

They only stayed in it that 1 possession after the timeout. I’d like to see them to stay in it longer. Especially since Denver doesn’t shoot the 3 ball a whole lot

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