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Speakers to mute sports commentators (help)


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Sorry, kinda random but I'm sure some people may be interested.  I am sick of listening to terrible commentators when UND is playing away games, and I understand that with surround sound speaker systems, the center speaker can be turned off or disconnected to mute commentators while maintaining all other game/crowd/arena sounds.

I want to do this but I know nothing about audio.  Do any of you have experience with this, and if so, can you please help me find a low budget solution?  I was originally wanting to get a sound bar, but it seems like most wouldn't work for this purpose because a receiver may also be needed?  Does anyone know of a sound bar that can do this?  If not, does anyone have recommendations on a setup that will finally allow me to silence the bad commentators?  I'm more interested in something with a small footprint, rather than price, but I don't need anything fancy -I think the speakers in the TV are good enough already.

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Listened to it once and was basically a PSA on how to link Tim's game calling to TV broadcast. Was nothing I wasn't already doing.  Mute the TV sound and pause to sync up with Tim. Worked Ok but with commercials etc. would easily go out of sync a Iot and got tired of trying to resync all the time. Gave up and listened to Alex and Jake who are pretty good. Not a Tim and Tim combo but Ok. On the road you either sync or deal with locals. You would think UND or REA would have an easier way to do it.

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6 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

I put the Bose surround to the radio broadcast and then use the DVR (pause live) to sync to radio audio. 

If you don't have "radio" (OTA) you could use the online iHeart instead. 

Desperation leads to some simple yet creative solutions to problems

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