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What are your line predictions for this season?


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36 minutes ago, jk said:

If he can just quicken those first couple steps, ... 

Nancy Burggraf we miss you. :( 

Mike Commodore should be sending flowers to her grave every year on the date he first met her. 

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It seems like so much will depend on how the freshmen adapt to the college game. This team has depth in spades, but it could really use some high-end offensive skill. So ideally at least two of the freshmen forwards will "pop" and be able to stick in a top-6 role. IF that happens, this year's team will be so dangerous. 

Also--and this is just a crazy hunch--I think Hain might display another level of offensive prowess this year (assuming his knee is totally healthy). Plus Caulfield and Kunz will (hopefully) assert themselves with authority, and boom! Let's GO!

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OK, OK, you forced me into it.

My predictions for lines you'll see on the ice:

  • a red line 2 inches wide, between 10 and 15 feet from each end of the rink drawn completely across the width of the ice 
  • lines 12 inches in width and blue in color, drawn between 60 and 64 feet out from the goal lines, extending completely across the rink parallel with the goal lines
  • a line 12 inches in width and red in color, drawn completely across and bisecting the rink, parallel with the goal lines  


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